Electrically equipped conservatory shading with a quality awning motor (tubular motor), radio hand-held transmitter (remote control) and a choice of over 200 colours.

Centimetre-precise production of your conservatory awning up to a max. width of 9 meters. This is a coupled system. Equip your conservatory shading with a wind monitor, sun monitor and rain monitor and thus automate your shading.

Wintergartenbeschattung Wigabox
Wintergartenbeschattung WIGAZIP ®

conservatory awnings

These sun awnings are specially designed for conservatories. Since there are also different versions of conservatory awnings, everyone can choose the right sun protection awning for their individual needs.

In the case of sun protection awnings for the conservatory, systems that are guided on rails on the side and are equipped with a deflection counter-pull are usually used. The tension of the awning fabric is particularly important here, since large areas are often to be covered by sun protection awnings when shading conservatories.

By the way, conservatory awnings offer a decisive advantage over interior shading such as our under-glass awnings, since the heat is already trapped outside and the conservatory cannot heat up in the first place. A conservatory awning is highly recommended for the plants in the conservatory, but also for the furniture.

The right conservatory shading for your conservatory

A conservatory is certainly the dream of every homeowner. So that the dream does not turn into a nightmare, you should think about providing sufficient shade in the conservatory in good time. It’s not complicated at all. You can easily and conveniently find your conservatory shading in our shop. Here you can select your desired variant and adapt the conservatory shading exactly to your needs.

If you already own a conservatory, then you certainly know the problem. Since the conservatory consists of a lot of glass, it heats up extremely quickly in the summer months without conservatory shade. On the one hand, this is very unpleasant for people, because the conservatory is practically no longer usable, on the other hand, the blazing sun now hits the plants in the conservatory, which are now helplessly at the mercy of the hot sun’s rays. With suitable shading, you and your plants are on the right side, because with the right sun protection solution, your conservatory will always have a pleasant temperature, even in the hot summer months.

Incidentally, it doesn’t even have to be particularly hot for your conservatory to heat up uncomfortably. Even a small amount of direct sunlight is enough to cause the conservatory to heat up significantly. This makes it clear how important conservatory shading is for your conservatory. Today’s conservatory awnings not only look magical, they also reliably protect against too much sun. With the right conservatory shading, you always have pleasant temperatures in your conservatory, even in summer.

It is ideal if you plan the conservatory shading in such a way that the entire conservatory can be shaded. If your conservatory is very long, you can also opt for 2 separate systems that can be divided. Just drop by our shop and find the conservatory shading that is just right for your conservatory.

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