Difference between a top glass awning and a bottom glass awning

What is a top glass awning?

An over-glass or on-glass awning, as the name suggests, is an awning that is fitted over the patio roof or conservatory roof. It is therefore mounted on the outside of the facade and thus offers the glass roof a certain degree of protection. However, a top glass awning does not only have advantages. But more on that later.

What is an under glass awning?

An under glass awning is mounted under the patio roof or conservatory roof. It is therefore mounted “on the inside”.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an on-glass awning?

A top glass awning has various advantages that cannot be denied. However, they are also a bit more expensive. Nevertheless, it is advisable to use a roof awning in the conservatory, which is directly connected to the house, in order to be able to regulate the temperature better.

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Advantages of the on-glass awning

The main advantage of top glass awnings is that they prevent the sun’s rays from hitting the glass roof of the conservatory or patio roof directly. This means that the awnings keep the heat out even better, which is particularly important in a conservatory. With the on-glass awning, the heat insulation is better and the temperature is also better regulated, since the sun’s rays hit the awning fabric and not the glass roof. Another benefit is that an over glass awning can be fitted with a shelf, giving you even more shade that extends beyond the patio roof or conservatory roof.

Furthermore, the fastening devices and the guide rails are hardly noticeable on the roof awning, which is why it looks more aesthetic. Another advantage of this type of awning is that you can also add side walls or glass sliding walls to the patio roof, since the strips and profiles of an internal awning do not get in the way. A high-quality vertical awning can also be combined with the patio roof.

Disadvantages of the on-glass awning

Where there are advantages, there are of course also disadvantages. A major disadvantage of the rooftop awning is that it is more expensive. However, this depends entirely on the circumstances. A top glass awning is highly recommended, especially for conservatories that are directly connected to the house. The reason for this is that the on-glass awning can keep the heat out better and the air conditioning of the rooms is more cost-effective because not so much energy has to be expended. Thus, the slightly higher price for the top glass awning is balanced out again.

But the maintenance effort should not be ignored with a roof awning. Regular cleaning is particularly important for over-glass awnings. For example, pigeon droppings should always be removed immediately to avoid staining. Dirt from insects or leaves must also be removed regularly so that you can enjoy your awning for a long time. Also bear in mind that it is not uncommon for insects to nest between the awning and the attachment, which should be removed quickly if you want to increase the lifespan of the shading. In addition, the sun protection may only be retracted when it is dry, otherwise mildew and mildew can form. It must be considered that a high ladder is required for cleaning in order to be able to clean the awning optimally.

Another disadvantage is that the awning fabric is exposed to weather conditions. Therefore, with an external awning, you should always pay attention to a high-quality awning fabric. Not only the high-quality profiles are important. The quality of the fabric also determines the service life of an external awning. In addition, the top glass awning withstands less wind than an internal awning. It should therefore be equipped with wind, rain and sun sensors so that not only is the awning protected from damage, but also your conservatory from overheating. In addition, an electric drive should be selected for the awning so that it can be operated with little effort and sensors can be attached at the same time.

Under glass awning mounted under patio roof
wintergartenbeschattung wigabox
Conservatory shading mounted above the glass

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an under glass awning?

Advantages of the under glass awning

Disadvantages of the under glass awning

An under glass awning naturally has the advantage that the awning is not exposed to the weather and thus has a significantly longer service life. In addition, the internal awning is significantly cheaper. This is also due to the fact that the fabric does not have to be of the same high quality as with an on-glass awning. The soiling is usually only dust and even rain cannot harm an under glass awning. Furthermore, the awning in the conservatory has the advantage that it almost never has to be retracted and thus always offers protection from the sun, even when there is a storm.

At the same time, you only have to spend a little time cleaning the awning. From time to time the sun protection should be swept away with a soft broom to remove dust.

The under glass awning has two major disadvantages. Since it is mounted under the patio roof or conservatory roof, the sun’s rays can hit the glass roof unhindered and the heat cannot be regulated as well. In addition, it is often difficult to mount an under-glass awning if there are still sliding side walls or internal side awnings. Here the profiles and attachments often get in each other’s way. It is also more difficult to subsequently attach side awnings or sliding side walls to the patio roof. At the same time, the aesthetics are not as given as with an over-glass awning.

Who are over glass awnings suitable for?

Of course, this always depends on the structural conditions. On-roof awnings are generally suitable for terrace glass roofs and conservatories. The most important thing here is whether the glass roof is equipped with fixed side windows. Or does the conservatory or patio roof have folding and sliding door systems? Whenever there is a device that can create a closed space, an overhead awning is more suitable. Because these are decisive criteria for which an under-roof awning cannot always be installed.

For whom are internal awnings suitable?

Under-roof awnings are suitable for conservatories, patio roofs and pergolas. It does not matter whether the patio roof can be closed tightly or whether it is possible to open the roof. Internal sun protection is suitable for both variants. With the open variant, only the quality of the shading is important, since the fabric and the attachment are both exposed to the weather. UV protection should therefore not be missing from the cloth in order to be protected from sunburn. In addition, the cloth should be quick-drying or, depending on your wishes, waterproof. This option is also open to you. Light fastness is another point that the awning fabric should have so that you will still have bright sun protection in a few years.

In some cases it is also possible to use an under-glass awning, even if there are side walls or sliding doors. However, this should be clarified with a specialist. If you still want to protect your patio roof from side winds or need a privacy screen for nosy neighbors, side awnings would be ideal. They keep the wind out and are an excellent privacy screen for prying eyes. So you too can sit comfortably outside.

How much does a roof awning cost?

A top glass awning is usually more expensive than a bottom glass awning. Of course, the advantages, which cannot be dismissed out of hand, outweigh the disadvantages. An upper roof awning contributes significantly to the fact that less energy has to be used for the air conditioning of the rooms. This means that money can be saved, especially with the current high energy costs. Even if the maintenance effort is a little higher, an on-glass awning is worthwhile. Especially if you have a conservatory and have already installed side awnings or roller blinds inside. As a rule, the attachments get in the way, which is why an under-glass awning is usually not possible here.

The price of an on-glass awning is from 1852 euros. Of course, it also depends on the choice of fabric and the size of the shade. It also depends on what individual wishes you have and whether the sun protection should be operated with an electric motor or radio remote control. This is of course recommended, since sensors for wind, rain and sun should also be installed on an awning over the glass roof in order to protect the awning as best as possible

How much does an under glass awning cost?

An under glass awning is a bit cheaper because you don’t necessarily need the highest quality fabric. All our awning fabrics are basically lightfast, have UV protection and offer a long service life. While on-glass awnings should be water-repellent, under-glass awnings do not. Unless the glass roof of the conservatory or patio canopy can be opened. Then a water-repellent cloth would also be ideal.

Even if you live in a region where it often rains or storms, an under glass awning is more suitable. Then you never have to worry if you forget to retract the awning. Of course we also offer shading with Smart Home connection. If you have forgotten your awning, you can easily control it when you are out and about if the sun protection does not have the appropriate sensors.

As a rule, you can get under-glass sun protection from as little as 1,000 euros. But of course it also depends on your personal wishes and needs as well as on the structural conditions and the equipment.

Fabrics for on-glass awnings and under-glass shading

At Görres Metallbau we offer you a large selection of different colors and designs. You can choose your favorite pattern from well over 200 different patterns. In addition to very high-quality acrylic fibers, which have a very high level of lightfastness because they are spun-dyed, you also have the choice of other awning fabrics that were specially developed for on-glass awnings. These are particularly water-repellent or even waterproof and thus always offer you a dry place in your outdoor area. Furthermore, all awning fabrics are of course provided with UV protection, so that you are always perfectly protected even under your sun protection.

What sizes are over and under glass awnings available in?

Under and over glass awnings are available in different sizes. There are different standard sizes for the patio roof or conservatory, which are available in our shop up to a width of 6 m in one piece and an extension length of 450 cm. If your patio roof or conservatory is larger, you can of course contact us at any time to find a solution. It is also possible to couple two awnings with each other, so that you have the perfect sun protection for your feel-good area.

Accessories for external and internal awnings

Of course, there is a wide range of accessories for internal and external awnings. The rain, wind and sun monitors in particular are a must for external shading to protect the awning from all eventualities. In addition, you can, for example, set the temperature precisely with the sun monitor and tell the awning at what level of sunlight it should be extended. The rain and wind guard, on the other hand, protects your outdoor shading from rain and wind and retracts the awning directly so that no damage occurs.

Another accessory is the radio remote control for your sun protection. You can use these to extend and retract the awning at the push of a button. At the same time, you can use the radio remote control of the awning as a timer, so that the sun protection is automatically extended and retracted at a desired time. Of course, you will also receive a hand crank with every shading, should the power fail and the awning has to be retracted.

Especially for the under glass awnings you will find other accessories such as an awning heater that you can sit outside on cooler days. To get a great ambiance, you will also find LED lighting for the sunshade. So you don’t have to sit in the dark in the evening and at the same time conjure up a wonderful flair on your terrace or in your conservatory.

handsender markise small
Radio motor is the perfect accessory
windwaechter sonnenwachter funk solar
Sun and wind sensors provide security

Installation of the awning for inside and outside

Would you like to assemble the awning yourself? Of course this is not a problem. Of course, you will receive the right material for the assembly of your awning from us as well as detailed and easy-to-understand instructions for self-assembly. If you prefer to have the awning installed by a specialist, please do not hesitate to contact us. We install your awning professionally and with the appropriate safety standards.

Do you still have questions about the on-glass awnings or under-glass awnings? Then contact us. We are at your side with advice and action and answer your questions, help you to choose the individual and perfect awning and of course also take your wishes and needs into account when choosing the sun protection. We are here for you!

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