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Cassette awning Dreambox Grande

Cassette awnings – you should know that

Cassette awnings are definitely the most popular awnings for balconies and patios . They are relatively inexpensive and offer perfect sun protection. Of course, we also offer you a tailor-made cassette awning so that you can find the perfect shade in your home.

If you are also looking for an awning, you will find a guide here that will answer all your questions. With this guide we want to make the purchase decision easier. If you still have questions about cassette awnings, you can of course contact us at any time.

We are at your disposal for any questions or for advice.

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We are not a specialist dealer but understand our trade and manufacture your electric cassette awning directly on site. According to your wishes.
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Cassette awning Dreambox Grande

Cassette awning Dreambox

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Cassette awning Dreambox Grande

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Cassette awnings – made-to-measure sun protection

Cassette awnings electric awnings are mainly found in standard sizes. So that the sun protection is optimally tailored to your balcony or terrace, we naturally also offer you the tailor-made awning. It leaves nothing to be desired and gives you perfect sun protection – even when the sun is low in the sky.

In addition, our awnings are equipped with UV protection 30+ so that you can enjoy your balcony and terrace without sunburn. Even in light rain, our awning fabrics are water-repellent. Of course, the awning fabrics are colourfast, so you can enjoy your patio and balcony shade for a long time.

Advantages of the cassette awning

A very clear advantage over the articulated arm awning is that there is a cassette. This cassette not only protects the awning fabric, but also the entire technology of the awning. Articulated arm awnings are always exposed to wind and weather – cassette awnings are protected. Of course, this also has an effect on the service life of the sun protection. When retracted, i.e. closed, you do not see the cloth and the arms. We will build you a custom-made cassette awning. A closed cassette is the best choice to protect the cloth from environmental influences.

Another advantage is the flat structure of a cassette awning. While articulated arm awnings appear rather large and bulky, the cassette awning adapts very well to the facade. Due to the appealing look, it does not appear bulky, but appears in a harmonious picture with the house wall.

Disadvantages of a cassette awning:

Where there are advantages, there are of course also disadvantages. But these are quite manageable with a cassette awning.

The biggest disadvantage of this type of awning is above all the higher price compared to a folding arm awning. But you don’t have to worry here either, as we can also manufacture cassette awnings for you on a small budget. Since we manufacture the awnings ourselves, there is no middleman, who usually also adds a certain amount. So you have already saved quite a bit of money.

You should also turn the disadvantage into an advantage. Cassette awnings have a significantly longer service life and still look good after many years. Of course, the care of your awning is also important. Nevertheless, we can only recommend this awning variant to you, as you are guaranteed to have saved money in the end.

Half and full cassette awnings - the difference

Half and full cassette awnings are basically the same. The awning fabric protects both awnings from the sun and light rain. The technology is also the same. The only difference is the cassette.

The semi-cassette awning

The semi-cassette awning has a cassette that is open at the bottom. It only protects the rolled-up cloth from wind and weather from the front and from above.

The awning technology is also largely unprotected, as the articulated arms are not stowed in the cassette. They are located on the open underside of the cassette and are therefore also exposed to the weather.

Furthermore, articulated arms and fabric are visible from below. Basically, this doesn’t bother you, but it doesn’t offer the most beautiful picture.

The full cassette awning

The full-cassette awning has a cassette that not only protects the fabric, but also the folding arms. These move into the closed cassette case and are therefore particularly safe from the weather.

This also protects the entire mechanism, which means that the full cassette awning can have a significantly longer service life. In addition, the cassette is significantly flatter and rather inconspicuous on the facade. It looks very appealing and attractive.

The price difference between the two types of awning is relatively small, which is why you should opt for a full cassette awning. The pros outweigh the cons and the price doesn’t make up for it.

How much does a cassette awning cost?

The price of a cassette awning can vary greatly, as it all depends on what you want. It also depends on what size you need and whether the awning is to be installed on a small balcony or on a large terrace. As a rule, you have to have a budget of 1,500 euros for a standard model with comfort.

The awning is then equipped with an electric motor and offers you a certain level of comfort. If you don’t want to do without the radio remote control and sensors, you should expect around 2,000 euros. The sensors have the advantage that they can control the awning when you are not at home. If it rains, the awning extends automatically. When the sun comes out again, the awning extends so that the rooms behind do not heat up too much.

How much does a cassette awning with assembly cost?

You don’t want to assemble the awning yourself and prefer to leave it to a professional? No problem. Get in touch with us and we will help you find the right professional to install the sun protection.

Depending on the size, you should generally expect a price of at least 350 euros . In addition, of course, there is the journey, which is why a specialist in the area should be preferred. However, this is usually not a problem and there are companies that install awnings in every region.

Which awning is recommended for the balcony?

The most important thing here is the size of the balcony. While drop-arm awnings can be mounted on small balconies, you should rather use a cassette awning for larger shading areas from 200 cm wide. These shade the balcony optimally. When the sun is low in the sky, a valance can also be attached to the awning.

How much does a balcony awning cost?

Depending on the width and equipment, the costs for a balcony awning start at around 1200 euros. There are of course no upper limits. Depending on the comfort you want, the prices for the balcony awnings vary.

Which awnings are recommended for terraces?

When it comes to terraces, it depends on the one hand on the size and on the other hand on the wishes of the individual. Cassette awnings are particularly suitable for terraces. For very large terraces, several awnings can be connected to each other.

It is also possible to have a pergola awning installed. Terrace roofs would also be a variant that you can consider. Pergola awnings are particularly popular because they can be used very flexibly. On the one hand, they can be attached to the house wall or in the ground. On the other hand, there are also free-standing pergola awnings that you can set up anywhere on the terrace or in the garden. The pergola awning is also flexible when it comes to shading, as the fabric can be extended on both sides.

How much does a patio awning cost?

As mentioned above, it depends on the size of the terrace. The design of the awning also plays a major role. As a rule, you have to calculate at least 1,200 euros for a very simple awning. Here, however, they should remember that they have no comfort whatsoever. If you want a little more comfort, you should expect a price of 1,800 euros and up.

Which awning is the best?

This cannot be answered in general terms. Everyone has different wants and needs, which makes it difficult to give a blanket answer. We can easily recommend the awning for your needs after a consultation. We then know exactly what you want from the shading of the terrace and, above all, what the budget is.

While some customers swear by cassette awnings, there are customers who would never buy them. They usually prefer a pergola awning or a freestanding awning. As you can see, this question can only be answered individually. Feel free to contact us. We will advise you comprehensively and show you all the advantages and disadvantages of the various awning models. This makes it easier for you to make a purchase decision and we can manufacture an awning that is precisely tailored to your needs.

This is what you should know about awning fabrics

The awning fabrics from Görres are all particularly tear-resistant, lightfast and have UV protection of 30+. This means that even with fair skin they can sit under the awning for up to 5 hours without sun protection.

When selecting the fabrics, we pay attention to the best quality so that you can enjoy the awning for a long time. Light fastness is particularly important to us. After all, what good is a fantastically beautiful awning that looks absolutely colorless after just one or two years. This is not the purpose, as an awning should still look good after many years.

The same applies to the impregnation. All Görres towels are impregnated, making them water-repellent. This means they won’t get wet under the awning in light rain. However, if it rains heavily, the awning must be retracted.

IMPORTANT: As soon as it is dry again, extend the awning so that it can dry. If this is not done, mildew and mildew can form on the cloth.

What accessories are there for cassette awnings?

There are a number of accessories for cassette awnings. The wind and rain monitors, for example, as well as the automatic sun function, are particularly popular. Especially when you travel a lot, these sensors are an important tool. They ensure that the awning automatically retracts in the rain and wind and extends again in the sun. On the one hand, this prevents damage to the awning and, on the other hand, the room behind cannot heat up too much.

The available LED lights for the cassette awning are also very popular. These conjure up a wonderful ambience in the evening and also provide light. So you can relax wonderfully on your terrace or balcony.

Another popular accessory is the radiant heater that can be attached to the cassette awning. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy your feel-good terrace to the full even on cooler days.

Our sensors, which you can get for the cassette awning, are particularly in demand. In addition to the sun automatic, we also have a wind/rain guard ready for your shading. This means that your awning thinks for itself. As soon as the sun hits the awning, the fabric extends automatically. This keeps the rooms behind it pleasantly cool.

This is also the case with the wind/rain monitor. As soon as the wind gets stronger or it starts to rain, the sun protection for your patio will retract automatically. This prevents damage to the terrace shading. These extras are ideal for significantly extending the life of your cassette awning.

We hope that with this information we were able to answer all of your questions to make your purchasing decision easier. If you still have further questions or need advice, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you and, together with you, will find the perfect patio shade for your outdoor area.

If you already know exactly what you want, request a free and non-binding offer today. We look forward to you!