Louvered roofs for your terrace

Louvered roof terrace
Louvered roofs for terrace

With the premium slat roof AZOTERRA ® from Görres, we offer you the perfect roofing solution for your terrace. We bring the dreamlike slat roof to your terrace and transform your terrace into an outdoor lounge.

Retractable and rotatable aluminum slatted roof Bioclimatic Pergola Luxaterra

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The aluminum louvered roof is a fully closable sunshade with rotatable and retractable louvers that provides supply of fresh air and protection from rain, wind and sun. Waterproof, of course.

Integrated water drainage channels drain water into the posts during precipitation.

Simple electrical operation of the slats via a radio motor and handheld transmitter . This is included in the delivery.

The system can be retrofitted at the front and side elements such as ZIP screen or glass elements at any time.
The system is possible as a free-standing version with 4 posts or as a wall-mounted version with 2 posts.
LED lighting is available as an option.
Luxaterra Lamellendach

Enjoy optimal outdoor living comfort with a slat roof from GOERRES. Goerres is a manufacturer of slat roofs. We offer top brand quality for all slat roofs. Lamella roof with convertible effect , Azoterra IV, Luxaterra

Lamella roof and Azoterra lamella roof ✓

free advice and offers ✓

5 years warranty☀ 100% Made in Germany.

Louvered roofs for fantastic sun protection at attractive prices
Outstanding weather properties and strength in sun, wind, rain, storm or snow
Perfect technology, slim design, high quality in production and processing
Convenient electronic control, can also be integrated into smart homes
Top brand quality ✓
Free Offers ✓
Advice from a specialist ✓


Free standing or wall mounted
ab 8589,-
  • premium quality
  • Waterproof
  • LEDs optional


Rotatable and retractable
ab 7989
  • Retractable and rotatable blades
  • Made to measure
  • LED light optional
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A slat roof as a patio roof?

If you are looking for an alternative to traditional sun protection systems for your outdoor area, a modern pergola is an innovative alternative for covering a terrace or an outdoor area near the pool or garden. 

Louvered roofs offer you protection from the weather:

A high-quality roof with aluminum slats withstands wind forces up to Beaufort class 11, ie gale force winds of 103 to 117 km/h.

snow load
The roof load averages 400 kg/m2, which corresponds to two meters of snow or 80 cm of very wet snow. Depending on how the seat is used, the slats can be open in winter.


The seal between the slats and the special shape of the slats ensure that the slatted roof is waterproof and rainwater is drained off effectively.

Don’t the slats take away too much light?

When closed, i.e. when protected from wind and rain, the slats do not let any light through.

Is a pergola roof waterproof?

A slatted roof is naturally airtight when the slats are closed. The rain is drained off to the side through the drainage channels integrated into the slats.

Are the slats retractable?

Yes, for model Azetorra 4 and Luxaterra you can slide the slats to the side. You can open the roof and have a clear view of the sky. A pack of slats stays on the side or back of the house wall. You decide which part of your terrace should be in the shade.

Isolierte Lamellen für Terrassendach
Lamellendach Luxaterra Lamellenschnitt

Against cold, heat and noise .

Please contact the technical team for the number of posts and slats.

LED Licht Lamellendach
LED light or RGB technology is optimal possible.you can switch and dim the light directly with the remote control.
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