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The terrace is the best and most pleasant place in the house in the warm season. However, in order to protect themselves optimally from the sun, more and more homeowners rely on terrace awnings. The awnings not only offer protection from the sun, but can also provide a dry place outdoors in light rain showers. Terrace awnings come in many different colors and designs.

In addition, we adapt your sun protection perfectly for your outdoor area and of course also manufacture it to measure. So it doesn’t matter how big or small your outdoor space is. We will find the perfect awning for your patio. In this article you will find out what differences there are in garden awnings and what you should pay attention to when buying them.

What are the differences in awnings?

What are patio awnings?

As the name suggests, terrace awnings are shading systems for the terrace. You have numerous models to choose from, which we would like to briefly explain to you here. Basically, you can use practically any awning as a patio awning. However, you have to consider structural conditions, the size of your terrace and your individual wishes.

In a nutshell

Our current patio awning offers

awning terrace

Cassette awnings

electric incl. fully equipped
ab 1589 € Incl. 19% VAT.
  • Made in Germany - direct from the factory
  • fast delivery times
  • Free shipping within DE
Pergola awning for your terrace

pergola awnings

terrace roof incl. integrated pergola awning
ab 3128 € Incl. 19% VAT
  • Ideal for large terraces
  • Up to 600cm width & 500cm projection
  • Can also be used as rain protection
Free-standing pergola awning in white

Terrace roof laminated safety glass or multi-wall sheets

Bespoke patio roofs
ab 2177 € Incl. 19% VAT
  • Different variants to choose from
  • Made in Germany - direct from the factory
  • made to measure

articulated arm awning

Articulated arm awnings are the most popular outdoor awnings. They are relatively cheap to buy and have the advantage that you can also assemble them quickly and easily. They are available in many sizes and can also be made to measure. The only disadvantage of the folding arm awning is that both the technology and the awning fabric are exposed to the weather. But if you only have a small budget available, this outdoor shading is very good for you.

Articulated arm awnings are equipped with an electric motor as standard, so that you have a certain level of comfort despite the rather simple construction. Of course, if you have to save money, you also have the option of getting an awning with a crank. For an extra charge, you also have the option of receiving a radio remote control so that you can retract and extend the awning at the touch of a button.

How much does a folding arm awning cost?

Articulated arm awnings are already available from 950 euros. Depending on the accessories and size you want, the awning can end up costing over 1,000 euros. You then have the highest level of comfort. Of course, there are no upper limits, as you can choose the color and design optionally.

Caution is advised with very cheap awnings. Usually these are not of particularly high quality. The awning fabric in particular is inferior and usually does not offer any UV protection. Our awning fabrics are all equipped with UV protection 30+, lightfast and dirt and water-repellent. Awnings from discounters rarely have an impregnation and therefore offer no protection against light rain.

Semi-cassette awning

The semi-cassette awning is a sun protection that has a box. When the awning retracts, the fabric is stowed away in the box. The box is open at the bottom and not completely closed, which is why the technology and fabric are not completely protected.

The advantage of the box is that you can “stow” your awning to a large extent and it is not exposed to rain or snow. The box itself is relatively small and does not interfere with the facade, which is why our customers like to use it.

How much does a semi-cassette awning cost?

Inexpensive semi-cassette awnings are available from around 500 euros. But here, too, quality always counts. Don’t save at the wrong end and end up paying more. Görres awnings are of high quality and offer you the best protection against harmful UV radiation. The cloths are also of extremely high quality, which means that they require very little care. Of course, the prices are also very different here. Depending on what comfort you want, you should include it in your budget.

full cassette awning

The full-cassette awning is constructed like the half-cassette awning, except that the box is closed. If you retract the patio awning, it is easily stowed away in the box and is therefore no longer exposed to the weather. Here, too, the box is hardly noticeable and adapts perfectly to the facade.

Half-cassette and full-cassette awnings are also equipped with an electric motor. Optionally, you can also get a radio remote control here, which has many other advantages. For more information, see the “Accessories for patio awnings” section.

How much does a full cassette awning cost?

Full cassette awnings are available from a price of around 950 euros. Here, too, there are no upper limits. If you would like to equip the patio awning with sensors and have maximum comfort, the awning can cost several thousand euros, depending on its size.

Terrace awning for pergolas or terrace roofs

If you have a pergola or a patio roof, you also have the option of using slat awnings. These are extremely flexible because they can be opened and closed on both sides. These models of terrace awnings are very elegant and evaluate the garden and the outdoor area in a special way. Furthermore, the shading option has very filigree guide rails that are hardly visible.

Pergola awnings or awnings for terrace roofs also have a motor as standard so that you do not have to use any force to open and close the awning.

How much does a slat awning cost?

You can find slat awnings for pergolas and terrace roofs from around 1300 euros. Depending on the size and equipment, the price can also vary significantly here. Especially if you have extra wishes or if you have a large terrace.

Terrace sun protection terrace roof
Under glass awning - conservatory interior shading

Side awnings for the terrace

Side awnings are also very popular when they have direct neighbors. These are often used to protect privacy. You keep the prying eyes of the neighbors away and you can enjoy your afternoon coffee completely unhindered.

Side awnings are not only a privacy screen, but also an excellent wind protection. They can also be used if your terrace is on the west side and the low sun is dazzling. They are easy to use and do not require any special attachment. They are usually anchored in the ground so that they can withstand strong gusts of wind.

How much do side awnings cost?

Side awnings are relatively cheap and are available from less than 400 euros. Of course, it also depends on the size and design of the awning. However, they are unavoidable if you have direct neighbors and they are still relatively curious. Even if you live in a very windy region, you should think about such protection.

The most frequently asked questions about our patio awnings

Basically, all of the above awnings are also suitable for small terraces. All patio awnings from a width of around 2.50 meters are available as standard. The drop here is about 3 meters. These patio awnings are ideal for small outdoor areas, as they also provide shade for small areas and you can sit comfortably in the garden in summer.

With large terraces, you have many options for optimally shading the terrace. The maximum width of patio awnings is usually 6 meters. The projection is also quite generous at 6 meters. If you need a larger awning, talk to us. We manufacture your individual patio awning to measure so that you have the perfect sun protection.

Furthermore, almost all patio awnings can be coupled together. This means that you practically also get 2 maximum width awnings, which are then connected to each other to shade even very large outdoor areas.

A valance makes sense above all if you want to protect yourself from the low-lying sun. But prying eyes from the neighbors can also be kept away with a valance. Your privacy is secured. When it comes to flounces, you can also use two different variants.

The fixed valance for patio awnings has a height of between 15 and 50 cm. You can choose between two different models. On the one hand a straight flounce and on the other hand a flounce with a wavy end. This variant of the valance is fixed and cannot be extended or retracted.

Another option is the lowerable valance for your sun protection. It has the great advantage that it is very flexible and can provide optimal protection against the low-lying sun. You can choose between different lengths for the lowerable valance. The longest valance can be lowered by up to 1.20 metres. You should think about this design, especially for west-facing terraces.

We have countless colors and designs ready for your patio awning. This allows you to design the sun protection according to your wishes. You have the choice of matching the color of the awning to the facade or the garden or simply choosing your favorite color. Currently, awning fabrics in grey, anthracite or beige are particularly popular. They always look particularly elegant and fit almost any facade. Strong colors such as blue, orange or yellow and red are also extremely popular. You can also get pastel colors so that nothing is left to be desired.

The same applies to the design. In the Görres online shop you will find a variety of designs and you will be spoiled for choice to find your favourite. Be inspired and discover the numerous options that you have for your patio awning.

Of course, we only use very high-quality awning fabrics so that you can enjoy your patio awning for a long time. Our fabrics are particularly lightfast, have UV protection 30+, are water, stain and dirt-repellent and have a self-cleaning effect. In addition, they are wind-stable, offer a high degree of stability and reflect the heat. With this high-quality acrylic fabric, you have an awning fabric that meets the highest demands. You will rarely find all these properties in discount awnings, which is why you should not save here.

We have lots of accessories ready for your patio awning so that you can set up a real oasis of well-being on the patio. In addition to the radio remote control, you get sensors, LED lighting and even a heater. So you can use your terrace without any problems even on cool days.

With a radio remote control you get the highest level of comfort. Not only can you use this to extend and retract the awning at the push of a button, you don’t even have to be near the awning. The remote controls can have a range of up to 70 meters and the awning can be operated from anywhere in the house.

Another advantage of the remote control is that it can be used as a timer. You can even set the temperature at which the awning should open and close. Even if you are not at home, the rooms behind the terrace will not overheat.

Sensors are ideal if you travel a lot. These are attached to the patio awning and think along with you. Sun, rain and wind sensors protect your sun protection from damage. As soon as the sun comes out, the awning extends. However, if there is a storm or rain, the awning retracts without delay. In addition, the radio remote control is blocked so that there are no overlaps here.

You can also get LED lighting especially for your patio awning, which creates a wonderful ambience in the evening. You can conjure up the perfect holiday feeling with candles and LED lighting. It is precisely for this reason that the lighting is so well received by our customers. In addition to the sensors, the awning lighting is the highlight in our shop.

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