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Awnings are becoming more and more important and the awning market is booming. Especially during the pandemic, many hobby craftsmen decided to build a conservatory or a beautiful terrace and are now looking for the perfect shade.

The vertical awnings in particular can do a good job here. They are not only a special kind of sun protection, but can also protect the terrace from wind and prying eyes from the neighbors. In this article, we want to explain exactly what is important for a vertical awning and what you should consider when buying it.

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For which shading are vertical awnings ideal?

Vertical awnings are extremely flexible and can not only be used to shade windows. Vertical awnings are suitable for protecting parts of the building, entire facades or the sides of the conservatory from the sun. In addition, they not only protect against solar radiation, but are also an excellent windbreak. In addition, these awning models are also perfect when the sun is very low and thus also serve as glare protection.

Vertical awnings can be used as privacy screens even for very nosy neighbors who don’t appreciate privacy. So you can sit undisturbed on the terrace without being disturbed.

In addition, vertical awnings are ideal for protecting large window fronts and vertical facades from the sun and providing shade. Basically, you can say that a vertical awning can be used wherever sun protection is required but brightness should have priority.

The big advantage of this sun protection is that the awning is attached to the outside and therefore does not hit the glass surface. This prevents the room from overheating. At the same time, this means that you do not have to expend too much energy to optimally air-condition the room.

This awning model can also be easily installed later. Vertical awnings require very little space for attachment and the roller box is particularly small. If you have noble arched windows, you don’t have to worry either. Of course, you will also receive the roller blind as a round panel, so that it adapts perfectly to the window and you can enhance the room even further.

How do vertical awnings work?

Vertical awnings, also known as vertical awnings, move down vertically on the window or facade. You have the choice of whether you want the vertical awning to go all the way down or whether you prefer to stop it halfway or in the upper third. The flexibility of retracting and extending leaves nothing to be desired.

Depending on the size of the vertical awning, it is extended and retracted using a hand crank or an electric motor. If you like it comfortable, you still have the option of operating the vertical awning via a radio remote control.

What types of vertical awnings are there?

If you would like a vertical awning for shading, you have a number of options. A distinction is made between the following vertical awnings:

  • Vertical awnings with cable guide
  • Vertical awnings with zip
Vertical awning on free-standing patio roof / pavilion
Vertical awning Zip System | Gorres

Vertical awnings with cable guide

The vertical awnings with cable guide are almost perfect for small windows. This awning model is a basic structure with a discreet cable guide. It is significantly more filigree than a rail guide, which is why it is perfect for small windows. They don’t look bulky and fit in perfectly.

However, from a width of 2.5 meters, a rail guide is strongly recommended. On the one hand, this offers more wind stability and, on the other hand, it is significantly more robust and therefore more durable. The roll-up behavior is also significantly better with this size if there is a rail guide.

Vertical awnings with zip

The zipper system is becoming more and more popular because the cloth can be stretched perfectly. That is why many customers are now opting for the vertical awning with zip. This functional wind, sun and privacy screen is very wind-stable. Therefore, the awning with a zip system is also ideal as a windbreak for drafty regions. In addition, the cloth is attached to the end rail in a completely compressed manner, which means that insects have no chance of getting into the room.

As the name suggests, vertical awnings are not aligned horizontally but vertically. They are an extremely flexible shading system for all balconies or terraces and have many advantages. In addition to sun protection, they also offer protection from wind and neighbors’ looks. Especially when the sun is low, they can also be an important protection to avoid being blinded.

Custom-made vertical awnings

Vertical awnings are ideal for medium-sized windows in particular. Of course, you have the choice between a standard awning and a custom-made awning. The custom-made vertical awning is then perfectly adapted to your window so that the shading is optimal.

At the same time, it offers the perfect protection against wind, the low sun or prying eyes from the neighbors. Because what could be worse than relaxing in the winter garden or on the terrace and the neighbors are always and everywhere. The oasis of well-being quickly becomes a stress factor.

With the made-to-measure vertical awning, you have the possibility that the awning is optimally adjusted and you can call excellent weather protection and privacy your own. With the zip system of the vertical awning you also have protection against mosquitoes or insects.

Fabrics, colors and designs of the vertical awnings

With vertical awnings, you have a wide range of fabrics, colors and designs to choose from. This allows you to adapt the awning perfectly to your wishes. The cloth in particular should be chosen with care. Depending on the purpose for which you want to use the awning, you should know the different properties of the fabrics.

The awning fabrics are mostly polyacrylic or polyester. Each fabric has its own special characteristics that you should not ignore.

Polyacrylic: Polyacrylic is water-repellent and UV-resistant. It also has a dirt and oil repellent effect.

Polyester: Although this fabric can score with a better winding behavior, it has some disadvantages. On the one hand, it fades faster and is not as lightfast as polyacrylic. On the other hand, it gets dirty faster and is not as UV-resistant.

You also have a particularly large selection of colors and designs. Classic stripes or other patterns, pastel colors or bright sunny yellow will make your choice difficult.

Awning fabric / awning fabrics
Vertical awning wood patio roof
Vertical awning terrace roof

Our vertical awning with zip system

How much does a vertical awning cost?

Of course, the price of this awning model also depends on the size, the system and the design or the fabric. It also depends on whether a hand crank is sufficient for you or whether you prefer comfort.

A small and unspectacular vertical awning can be obtained for less than 100 euros. However, the cloth here is polyester and doesn’t really offer protection from light rain or wind. In addition, the particularly cheap models are usually standard goods and you have to take what you get.

A good, high-quality vertical awning is a bit more expensive, but you can enjoy this protection for a long time. You also have the choice between different designs, systems and of course sizes. Depending on the size, an awning can cost up to several thousand euros. Especially when the vertical awning is very large and has to be made to measure.

With Görres, however, you have the advantage that we manufacture the awnings ourselves and there is no need for an intermediary. So you get the awning without an additional surcharge for resale.

If you have any questions about our awnings, you can contact us at any time. We are happy to help you with words and deeds. Even if you can’t decide and need advice, you can contact us during business hours. Together we will find the optimal shading for your needs. Görres not only stands for the highest quality, but also for excellent service!

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