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Conservatory shading - you should pay attention to this

Anyone who can call a conservatory their own must of course also pay attention to the right shading and air conditioning. While it can get very hot in the conservatory in the summer, the extra space is extremely cold in the winter. Therefore, shading for the conservatory – especially in summer – is unavoidable. But what are the options and which sun protection is particularly suitable for the conservatory? We would like to explain all this to you as simply as possible.

What is a conservatory shading?

A conservatory shading is a sun or privacy screen that keeps the heat and prying eyes away. As a rule, an awning is attached to the inside or outside of the conservatory roof so that the sun does not heat up the additional room too much. The side awnings, on the other hand, mostly serve as a privacy screen for nosy neighbors.

The advantage of the conservatory shading is that it is extremely flexible and can thus transform the additional living space into an absolute oasis of well-being. In addition, plants and seeds can be brought forward in winter, which can then be sown in spring. Furthermore, the winter garden not only serves as an excellent wintering place for plants that are not hardy. You can also use the conservatory as a reading corner, relaxation room or wellness oasis.

To install a conservatory shading, you have the choice between indoor and outdoor shading of the conservatory.

The interior shading in the conservatory

Interior shading in the conservatory, also known as an under- glass awning , has its advantages and disadvantages. While it is significantly cheaper than the conservatory exterior shading, the awning fabric is also protected from wind and weather. 

Furthermore, it can be assembled very easily. However, indoor sun protection has the disadvantage that the sun’s rays still hit the glass directly and can heat up the conservatory. 

The awning, which is mounted under the glass, absorbs a lot, but cannot protect the conservatory from the heat as well as the external shading of a conservatory.

The outside shading in the conservatory

The outside conservatory shading has the great advantage that it shields the sun’s rays so that they don’t even hit the glass roof. Of course, this means that the additional room cannot heat up as much, since the heat is absorbed directly. The disadvantage, however, is that the awning is exposed to wind and weather and therefore requires a little more maintenance.

Even if the conservatory shading is a bit more expensive outside, it has a special advantage – it saves electricity. If you also appreciate an optimal climate in the conservatory, the outdoor awning for conservatories is ideal. The energy costs are constantly increasing and for this reason alone the external shading pays for itself. You need significantly less energy to maintain the perfect temperature in your oasis of well-being.

Questions about our conservatory shading

How much does a conservatory shading cost?

The prices for sun protection in the conservatory are as individual as the wishes of our customers.

The prices start at around 950 euros for the interior shading of a conservatory in the smallest version. Of course there is a lot of room for improvement, depending on your wishes and needs.

Therefore, the conservatory awnings for the roof can quickly cost up to 3,200 euros. According to your wishes, size and comfort.

How much care does a conservatory shading require?

As a rule, a conservatory shading does not require very much care. It should of course be cleaned of dust and dirt. With internal sun protection, care is very manageable. You need to allow a little more time for external sun protection. Leaves and dirt should be removed from the awning in autumn so that you can enjoy the sun protection for a long time. It is also advisable to remove dust and dirt from the awning during spring cleaning.

As a rule, dirt can be removed from the exterior shading with a soft brush. If there are stains on the awning fabric, you can easily remove them with a mild soapy solution and a soft brush.

Please note that you should not clean the awning fabric with a high-pressure cleaner. This can damage the cloth. The cloth can tear due to the pressure. So that you can enjoy your conservatory awning for the roof for a long time, only use soft cloths and brushes and very mild soapy water!

IMPORTANT: The awning fabric should always be completely dry before it is retracted. If you have retracted the fabric wet, it is important to extend it as soon as possible and let it dry. So no mold stains can form!

How much does a conservatory awning cost inside?

Hard to say in general. The smallest variant starts electrically from 950 euros. These are equipped with an electric motor and offer you some comfort. You should calculate around 1,000 euros with a radio remote control and rain detector. Call us and ask for the current daily price for your desired size.

How much does a conservatory awning cost outside?

As a rule, however, you have to reckon with a price of around 1,500 euros depending on the desired size if you don’t want to forego comfort. Furthermore, the awning should also be optimally matched to the additional room so that you can reduce energy costs.

For this reason, contact us today so that we can provide you with a free and non-binding offer. Of course, you can also give us your budget so that we can find the best and cheapest option for your sun protection in the conservatory together.

Which awning fabrics does Görres offer for the conservatory awnings?

If you choose a conservatory awning for the roof, you have the same choice as with vertical awnings. We offer single-colored awning fabrics in many different colors. Are you looking for something special? Then you should take a look at our numerous designs, which are of course also available in a wide range of colours. No wishes remain unfulfilled here and you can adapt your awning perfectly to your conservatory.

Sun colors such as yellow, orange or terracotta are very popular. But cream-colored awnings are also becoming increasingly popular because they stand for elegance. It doesn’t matter what favorites you have. We are sure that you will find what you are looking for and will soon be able to call your perfect awning for the conservatory roof your own.

How much does the assembly of the conservatory shading cost?

If you don’t want to assemble your conservatory awning yourself, please contact us.

When it comes to assembly costs for your conservatory awning, you have to reckon with around 600 to 1200 euros. We will of course make you an offer that you can use as a guide.

What makes the conservatory shading so special?

The sun protection in the conservatory is an absolute highlight both visually and functionally. With this you can turn the conservatory into a real oasis of well-being and create a great atmosphere. In addition, with the awning for the conservatory you have the opportunity to maintain a feel-good climate all year round. You can also save money on energy costs.

The flexible all-rounder, as the shading is also called, is one of the most flexible ways to protect the conservatory from the sun’s rays. The assembly is also very easy, since the guide rails can be attached directly to the conservatory construction. This means that even large areas can be shaded very well with awnings. With a width of up to 600 cm, different awnings can be coupled.

Since modern conservatory awnings are now equipped with electric motors as standard, you can easily extend and retract the awning without any effort. For more convenience, you also get a radio remote control that allows you to retract and extend the conservatory awning from anywhere in the house.

Tailor-made conservatory awnings

Every conservatory is different in size and shape. You can have them custom-made so that you too get the perfect awning for your conservatory. We adapt the shading to you so optimally that nothing is left to be desired. You also have the option of vertical awnings, which then protect you from prying eyes from the neighbors.

So you can choose to shade only the conservatory roof or you can also use the vertical awnings for the sides. This flexible sun and privacy screen for the conservatory makes it an eye-catcher and offers you a quiet room that is protected from prying eyes.

Why you should choose Görres awnings

We are a company that has many decades of experience in the production of awnings. In addition, you are spoiled for choice, as you can choose your conservatory awning made to measure and in countless colors and designs. Furthermore, you will receive an absolutely high quality from us. We match your awning perfectly to your conservatory.

Another great advantage of Görres is that you get everything from a single source. There are no middlemen, the conservatory shading is made by ourselves! For you, this means that we can also produce your conservatory shading on a small budget.

Get a free, non-binding offer for your conservatory shading today and discover the wide range of options that we can show you.

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FAQ - Questions & answers about conservatory shading

An electric under-glass awning for a conservatory or patio roof costs between 1800 and 2800 euros, depending on the size and equipment. It is cheaper than a roof awning.

When shading conservatories, you have the choice between a roof awning, which is mounted on top of your conservatory, or an under-glass awning, which is used underneath your conservatory.

The awning fabric is extended and stretched over the glass roof by at least 2 guide rails. Depending on the fabric design, the sun’s rays are absorbed effectively, keeping the conservatory cool.