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Pergola awnings are becoming increasingly popular. Ideal for restaurants and cafés, but also in the private sector, they now serve as a sophisticated shading solution.

Pergola awnings not only protect against solar radiation, but also offer optimal protection against rain.

Pergola awnings: Our very personal year-round solution for your patio!

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We are not a specialist dealer but understand our trade and manufacture your electric pergola awning directly on site. According to your wishes.
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What exactly are pergola awnings?

Classically, pergola awnings are sun protection elements that are attached to a pergola as a substructure. You have several mounting options. This sun protection can either be mounted on the facade of the house or you can use it free-standing. It is also possible with the free-standing awning to fix it in the ground so that the roof can be moved. However, to ensure stability, the pergola must be fixed to the ground.

A pergola is particularly suitable for large terraces and outdoor seating, such as in gastronomy. With this shading system, significantly greater depths of drop can be achieved than with a conventional awning. Especially when installing on large terraces, you have the option of installing the awning for the pergola on the house side, so that you will practically only find two round columns at the front of the terrace, which do not take up any space and ensure stability.

In addition, the cable tension awning offers an advantage over other awnings. It is characterized above all by the fact that the cloth is attached to stainless steel cables and can be opened as desired. Even in light rain, this form of shading can be used if the angle of inclination is optimally adjusted.

The awning fabric is usually attached to two stainless steel cables. However, there are also models with only one rope. Due to the versatility of the cable awning, it is a flexible sun protection that can also be mounted on the patio roof or in the conservatory.

Pergola awnings offer these advantages

Pergola awnings have many advantages as they can be used in a variety of ways. Not only do they protect against the sun and light rain, they can also be used as privacy screens. Thus, the purchase of such a shading system is always worthwhile. A large open space is required. On the one hand, it does not come into its own on small areas and, on the other hand, cable tension awnings are rarely available in small sizes. Articulated arm awnings or cassette awnings are often more suitable for small balconies or terraces.

Another big advantage compared to other awnings is that the awning fabric can be opened very flexibly with a coupled system. This makes it possible to open the awning fabric on both sides and have a shaded area in the middle. Furthermore, only one side can be opened – depending on where the shadow should be.

In addition, the stability of a pergola awning is significantly higher than that of an articulated arm or cassette awning. This is due to the fact that cable awnings can be mounted on the house wall on the one hand and in the ground on the other. So you have a more stable stand and defy wind and weather.

Attach to the wall of the house or do you prefer to be free-standing?

Of course, this is a matter of taste, whether you want the cable tension awning attached to the wall of the house or whether you prefer the free-standing version. However, you should keep in mind that the stability of free-standing awnings is not as high as those that are mounted on the house wall. They offer optimal stability and support, even in a storm.

Of course, the free-standing pergola awning is also very stable and can easily withstand a storm. However, since this is only fixed to the ground, the additional support on the house wall is simply more stable.

Of course, it also depends on the location. If the cable tension awning is to be mounted on the patio, it is of course a good idea to attach it to the house wall as well. This has the advantage that you only have 2 columns at the end of the terrace instead of 4 round columns on all four sides of the terrace. This means you lose valuable space.

As you can see, you are spoiled for choice and of course you have to decide for yourself which option is better for your needs. If you have any questions, you can always contact us to discuss further.

What sizes are available?

Of course you can always get the standard sizes in our shop. If you have special wishes and need a tailor-made pergola awning, then this is of course not a problem either. Contact us so that we can make you a free and non-binding offer.

Cable tension awnings are available up to a size of 2 x 6.5 m. If your terrace is larger, two pergola awnings can also be used, for example. You should keep in mind that the awning size does not correspond to the width and depth of the terrace. Because in order to get the right awning size, the shading should always be 50 cm deeper than the surface of the terrace. At the same time, you also need to remember that if there is a ledge or niche, the dimensions will need to be subtracted.

Material and frame color of the pergola awning

At Görres you are spoiled for choice. The aluminum frame can be selected in the standard colors anthracite or white. Do you have a special request for the frame color? Then this is not a problem either. You can simply enter your desired RAL color in the additional field of the order and you will receive the pergola substructure in your desired colour.

As you can see, you have every opportunity to adapt your solar system perfectly to the facade or garden so that a coherent picture emerges. Let your desires run free. We guarantee that we will always try to meet all your wishes – as long as this is possible and in accordance with safety regulations.

What fabrics are available for pergola awnings?

The selection of awning fabrics is very large. You get almost all colors and can choose bright yellow or orange or delicate pastel tones. At the same time, we offer you a variety of designs so that nothing is left to be desired.

Cloths made of elegant beige or gray are particularly popular with pergola awnings. Stripe designs are used less here.

What fabrics does Görres offer for pergola awnings?

We only use high-quality polyacrylic fabrics for the pergola awning. These offer you numerous advantages so that you can enjoy your sun protection for a long time. The polyacrylic towels are water-repellent and UV-resistant. They are also dirt and oil repellent. At the same time, this means that you can clean the awning fabric with little effort if you do not need the awning over the winter.

Due to the high UV protection of the fabric, you do not have to protect yourself from the sun with a sunscreen. The awning fabric has UV protection of 30+, which means that you can sit under the awning for around 5 hours without sunscreen.

What accessories are available for pergola awnings?

We also have a large selection of accessories for your well-being with cable tension awnings. The great LED lighting for your awning offers you a pleasant ambience and never leaves you in the dark. If you want to use the outdoor feel-good oasis in the cooler season, you also have the option of heating. So you always have a warm spot, even on cooler days.

Of course, you will also receive a radio remote control for your awning, so that you are guaranteed the best possible comfort. The rain and sun monitors are particularly popular. The pergola awning is equipped with sensors that react to rain and sun. When the sun comes out between the clouds, the awning fabric extends automatically. If it starts to rain, the fabric is automatically retracted. So it’s not a problem when you’re on the go. The intelligent awning then takes over its task completely independently.

How much does assembly cost?

The installation costs of a pergola awning vary greatly, since the size of the shading matters. As a rule, a price between 800 and 1200 euros should be expected. Of course, this always depends on the respective specialist. Of course we are very happy to assemble your awning. Make an appointment today so that you can quickly have a nice shady spot in the garden.

If you would like to assemble the awning yourself, this is also possible. You will of course receive detailed instructions on how to install the awning. We also have the appropriate fastening material ready for assembly. But please keep in mind that safety must be guaranteed during assembly. The wrong fastening material can have fatal consequences. You should therefore know exactly which masonry your house has so that we can send you the matching fastening material. Incorrect fastening material can ensure that the awning does not have a firm hold and can fall. For this reason, we always recommend having the installation carried out by a specialist.

Do you have any questions or would you like advice? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are on hand with help and advice. If you are not sure which awning is suitable for your terrace, garden or balcony, please contact us. Together with you, we will find the perfect shading option for your oasis of well-being.

Do you need a building permit for pergola awnings?

This depends on the one hand on the size of the awning and on the other hand which federal state you live in. As a rule, no building permit needs to be applied for up to a size of 30 square meters. However, you should clarify this in your community so that there are no problems afterwards.

How much does a pergola awning cost?

Depending on the design and size, the price of a pergola awning is around 3,000 euros. Of course, the larger the pergola awning, the more expensive it is. With a size of 2.0 mx 6.5 m, you have to reckon with a price of around 6,000 euros.