Under glass awnings for conservatories or patio roofs

Under glass awnings are mostly used for conservatories or patio roofs. You have some advantages. But the disadvantages should not be forgotten either. Nevertheless, under-roof awnings are very popular because they are also inexpensive options for having a shady spot on the terrace or in the conservatory.

Under glass awning G100

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Under glass awning - conservatory interior shading

What exactly is an under glass awning?

You stretch the under glass awning under the patio roof like a sun sail. The filigree guide rails are mounted on the right and left under the patio roof, on which the awning is then extended and retracted. The guide rails are made of powder-coated aluminum of the highest quality.

As a rule, under-roof awnings also have an awning box that is unobtrusive and elegant. The awning fabric retracts into this box and is thus protected from dirt. The awning box is installed on the wall or ceiling. It blends in visually and is in no way disturbing.

Depending on the version, you get the awning with a hand crank or an electric motor. If you are looking for a high level of comfort, you will be well served with an awning with a motor. Of course, you will also receive a crank. This means that you can operate the awning without any problems even in the event of a power failure. You also have the option of receiving a radio remote control. With this, you can extend your awning in the conservatory or on the terrace almost anywhere in the house at the push of a button.

Under glass awning G100 from Görres in detail

Which under-roof awnings for which purposes?

Under glass awnings are ideal for conservatories and patio roofs. These are mounted under the patio roof. In terms of structure, they do not differ greatly from the conservatory shading that is installed on the patio roof.

Pros and cons of under glass awning

The under-roof awning has numerous advantages, even if it is not ready for use everywhere. It scores particularly well with the very low maintenance requirements. But the price is also unbeatable.

Advantages of the under glass awning

  • The awning is always protected from weather conditions
  • You have the option of coupling under-glass awnings if the area to be shaded is very large
  • Under glass awnings have a slightly soundproofing effect and can even improve the room acoustics
  • You have the option of a complete awning or mounting on individual panes
  • Under glass awnings are an aesthetic accessory for the conservatory
  • The operation is easy and comfortable due to the electric drive
  • Customization is possible
  • Under-roof awnings are cheaper
  • There are many accessories for under glass awnings

Disadvantages of the under glass awning

  • The glass of the conservatory or patio roof is not protected from dirt

What sizes are common for under glass awnings?

The under glass awning is available in many standard sizes. They can be found in our online shop up to a width of 6 meters and a projection of 4.00 meters. If you need larger or smaller under-glass awnings, please contact us. We manufacture your under glass awning to measure so that you get the best possible sun protection.

How much does an under glass awning cost?

With an under-glass awning, you have to reckon with costs of around 1,800 euros. Of course, it also depends on the size and the comfort you want. If you want maximum comfort, a radio remote control is a good way to operate the awning at the push of a button. If that’s not enough for you, you can control your awning using a mobile phone, tablet or automatically via the home automation system.

Under glass awning or awning over the glass roof? What is better?

Both variants have their advantages and disadvantages. With open conservatories or terrace roofs, the under-roof awning is the cheaper option for being able to call a shady place your own.

However, since the sun hits the glass roof directly, the room can become very hot. This means that you have to run the air conditioning of the conservatory significantly higher in order to achieve a feel-good climate. Of course, this costs energy and money. Heat build-up can also lead to glass breakage. Although this is relatively rare, it cannot be ruled out.

If you have a closed conservatory, you should not save at the wrong end and invest in an awning that is attached to the conservatory roof. This allows you to optimally shade and air-condition the closed conservatory.

However, this variant also has some disadvantages. If you are often on the go, you should also think about sun, wind and rain sensors at the same time. These ensure that the awning is extended in good weather and retracted in bad weather. This means that your sun protection is always well protected and has a long service life.

Of course, you don’t have these problems with under-glass awnings, since the awning can practically always remain extended, even when the weather is bad. The under-roof awning is always well protected from the weather.

Design and color of the awning fabric

Görres offers you a large selection of designs and colors for the awning fabric of your under-roof awning. This gives you the option of adapting the awning fabric to the conservatory or simply choosing your favorite colour.

Our awning fabric is made from high quality acrylic which is dirt and stain resistant. It also has high lightfastness and UV protection of 30+.

Accessories for under-roof awnings

As with any other awning, you get a wide range of accessories. In addition to a radio remote control, you can also get the right LED lighting for the awning on request. It conjures up a beautiful ambience in the evening and enhances the conservatory again. You no longer just have to sit in the candlelight under the patio roof.

Anyone who owns patio roofs or a conservatory whose roof can be opened should definitely use sensors to protect the awning. These ensure that the awning retracts in bad weather and extends in good weather, even when you are not at home. With the sensors you protect your awning from damage and will enjoy it for a long time.

How much maintenance does a roof awning require?

An under glass awning requires very little maintenance. You should remove dust from the awning from time to time. That’s it already. With open patio or conservatory roofs, maintenance is a little more time-consuming. Here the awning should be cleaned regularly.

Heavy soiling or bird droppings in particular must be removed from the awning fabric as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the sun will burn this dirt into the fabric and you will have trouble removing the stains. In addition, the under-roof awning should never be retracted when it is wet or damp, in order to prevent mold or mildew from forming.

How is an under-roof awning installed?

If you are a layman but would like to assemble the under glass awning yourself, this is not a problem. It is only important that you inform us of your current circumstances. This is the only way we can send you the right fastening material. Of course, you will also receive detailed and easy-to-understand assembly instructions.

If you prefer to have the under glass awning installed by a specialist, please contact us. We attach your awning professionally so that you can simply enjoy your conservatory or patio roof.

If you have any questions or need advice, you can also contact us by phone or email. We will be happy to help you and advise you. Together with you we will find the sun protection that is optimally tailored to your needs and wishes. So you can enjoy the summer to the fullest.

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