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Patio roofs are an excellent alternative to awnings. They offer special protection – not only from the sun, but also from rain and snow.

But basically they only really come into their own when a large terrace needs to be shaded. With small terraces, they look more like a carport and do not really enhance the garden and terrace. Cassette awnings are much more recommendable here.

Of course, everyone has to decide for themselves which shading variant they prefer. However, this should also be consistent and really enhance the outdoor area.

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What exactly are patio roofs?

Terrace roofs are, as the name suggests, a construction so that you can sit on the terrace protected even when it rains. They are available in different sizes and variants. You also have a wide variety of models when it comes to choosing the roof. If you choose the variant with glass, you also have the option of providing the roof with a conservatory shade, so that you can always use a shady spot for your time-out.

The construction of patio roofs is very versatile. The installation is usually on the house wall and in the ground, so that a safe stand is guaranteed. A free-standing patio roof is also available, which is only anchored to the ground. However, this variant is not used very often, since there is always a space between the terrace and the room behind it. Even if the construction is mounted very close to the house wall, this variant of the patio roof does not end with the house wall.

What makes the patio roof so special?

Terrace roofs have a very big advantage over awnings. They not only protect you from the sun, but also from the rain. Prerequisite that it is a glass roof. Then, of course, an awning can also be installed so that the sun’s rays do not hit the glass roof. This is similar to a conservatory. This means that it cannot heat up so much under the patio roof that the heat is underneath.

However, shading on the terrace using a fixed model has other advantages. For example, the front supports can be lowered so that rainwater cannot collect on the roof. The lowering leads to an optimal drainage of the rain. Of course, snow should always be removed from the fixed patio shade. Otherwise, the snow load could quickly damage the roof of the terrace.

What else you should know about patio roofs

Before you decide on a patio roof, you should definitely read the guide. In the sections below we answer the most frequently asked questions from our customers. So you can get an idea of this terrace shading and the purchase decision will be easier for you.

What is important for a patio roof?

If you can call a terrace your own, you should consider yourself lucky. However, if you want to enjoy a nice shady spot as well, you cannot avoid the right shade. Depending on the region in which you live, there are various options for shading the terrace.

In regions with a lot of wind or rain, awnings are not always the first choice. Terrace roofs are particularly suitable here, as they can protect against the sun on the one hand and rain on the other. Awnings have to be retracted when it rains and even in summer when it’s warm you can’t sit on your patio like this.

  • Size of the patio roof: If you choose a patio roof, the size is of course the be-all and end-all. As a rule, the canopy should always be slightly larger than the terrace. This ensures that the seat is really dry. Because especially in a downpour, the wrong size of the terrace shading quickly becomes apparent.
  • Gradient: Of course, you should also plan for the right gradient so that the rain can run off quickly. If there is little snow, this usually slides off the roof without any problems. If this is not the case, it must be removed as soon as possible to avoid damage. The slope is usually between 5 and 15%. However, if you opt for a glass roof made of laminated safety glass, you don’t have to worry about the amount of snow on the patio roof.
  • Material: Terrace roofs are available in many different materials. Which one you prefer is of course a matter of taste. Terrace roofs made of wood and glass are particularly popular. They ensure a rustic and very pleasant ambience. But aluminum and glass are also popular when the minimalist living style is preferred. While the patio roof made of wood and glass requires a lot of care, the aluminium/glass shades are particularly weather-resistant and require hardly any care.

Do you need planning permission for the patio cover?

This is the most important question of all. Basically, permanently erected patio roofs are a construction project – at least from a legal point of view. However, since there are different rules and regulations in each federal state, you must first find out whether a building permit is required for the patio roof.

What are the advantages of a slat roof as a patio roof?

Pergola roofs are becoming increasingly popular, and with good reason. They have some advantages and offer real added value. Louvered roofs are not only very attractive, but also durable. In addition, they are absolutely waterproof when closed and offer a little sun for your terrace when open.

In addition, slatted roofs ensure a pleasant climate, as they can be aligned vertically or horizontally at the touch of a button. Thus, they even create a kind of air conditioning, since there is always a breeze depending on the orientation.

Another advantage of the slatted roof is that additional modules such as LEDs, heaters or speakers are perfectly protected from rain. Equipped with the appropriate sensors, you have the perfect patio shade that protects you in all weathers.

Benefits of slat roofs at a glance:

  • There is no heat accumulation under the patio roof
  • The flexible slats allow you to create the perfect climate
  • Due to the different orientations, you can choose the shading yourself according to your mood
  • Louvered roofs are almost maintenance-free and, thanks to the lotus effect, do not require any cleaning
  • Snow loads are usually not a problem for robust slat roofs
  • You are well protected in the rain
  • Due to the numerous special shapes, you are spoiled for choice

What are the advantages of patio roofs made of aluminum and glass?

Aluminum and glass patio roofs are also very popular. This is because they can already be constructed in such a way that a conservatory can emerge from them in the next few years. They are also the perfect addition to modern architecture, as aluminum and glass look particularly elegant. With an awning for the patio cover, you also keep the heat out under the patio cover. Due to the numerous colors for the awning fabric, you still have the opportunity to set a highlight.

Advantages of aluminium/glass patio roofs:

  • The construction can be chosen so that a winter garden can be created in the near future
  • Aluminum looks very classy in modern architecture
  • The rooms behind the terrace are not darkened by the glass roof
  • The glass roof is also safety glass and thus high stability is guaranteed
  • To avoid heat under the patio roof, highlights can be set with trendy awnings
  • By lowering the construction, the rainwater can drain off easily

However, patio shades made of aluminum and glass have one disadvantage. They require significantly more maintenance than slat roofs. The glass roof must be cleaned regularly.

What types of patio roofs are there?

There are three different roof shapes for patio roofs. On the one hand there is the variant of the flat roof. On the other hand, there are pitched roofs. You also have the option of a pitched roof. In very rainy regions, a flat roof is not advisable, as the water does not drain off as well as with pent or pitched roofs. Unless you have an innovative rainwater drainage system installed. Flat roofs are particularly suitable for houses that are modern and linear, i.e. the typical Bauhaus style. Another disadvantage of flat roofs is that snow must be removed immediately to avoid glass breakage.

Our customers most often choose the pent roof. This is designed with an inclination of 5 to 15 degrees so that the rainwater can run off well and the maintenance of the roof is also quite easy to carry out. You can use a garden hose to quickly remove dirt and leaves from the roof.

Pitched roofs, on the other hand, have a significantly larger angle of inclination. This is between 30 and 45 degrees and is therefore significantly steeper than a pent roof. The pitched roof for patios is the perfect choice for drafty weather sides. Even in rain or storms, you are well protected under the pitched terrace roof.

These roof shapes are also ideal for regions where a lot of snow is to be expected. The snow usually slides off the roof by itself and you have saved a lot of work. Of course, there are also situations where the snow has to be removed by hand. Especially when freezing rain has set in, the snow sticks to the roof. To avoid glass breakage, you should remove the snow from the roof as soon as possible.

Whichever roof shape you choose for the patio shade. The region, the climate and the shape of the house should also be included in the selection. This is the only way to achieve a highlight and a harmonious picture of the house wall, garden and patio roof.

How much does a patio roof cost?

Of course, it always depends on the size of the patio roof. An aluminium/glass patio roof measuring 4 x 3 meters costs between 5,000 and 6,000 euros.

A patio shade made of wood is significantly cheaper. Here, however, you should keep in mind that a wooden canopy requires significantly more maintenance. In addition, the life expectancy of a roofing made of wood is lower. The price here ranges from 1,000 euros upwards, depending on your wishes and requirements.

Slat roofs are extremely durable, require almost no care and also look particularly elegant. They adapt to almost any facade and are flexible when it comes to shading. The prices here are between 500 and 1,500 euros per sqm. This would mean that you would have to calculate between 7,000 and 18,000 euros for a patio roof of 12 square meters.

Tailor-made patio roofs from Görres

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