Cubola Pergola Markise

The Cubola pergola awning from the manufacturer Metallbau Görres

Cubola pergola awning is an outdoor product designed specifically for shading terraces, gardens or other outdoor areas. It consists of a sturdy aluminum frame and a flexible fabric roof, which is attached to the sides of the frame with the help of special rails. Due to the inclination of the roof, the awning can be adjusted to the current weather conditions and provides protection from both the sun and rain. Cubola pergola awning is available in various sizes and colors and can also be equipped with additional features such as lighting and heaters.

Cubola pergola awning offers many advantages, including:

  • Protection from sun and rain: The flexible fabric roof can be adjusted according to weather conditions, providing optimal protection from sun and rain.
  • Adaptability: the awning can be adjusted to different sizes and inclination angles to meet the needs of the user.
  • Robustness: aluminum construction and high quality material of the roof make the awning durable and robust.
  • Flexibility: The awning can also be equipped with additional features such as lighting and radiant heaters to make the outdoor experience even more enjoyable.

Aesthetics: Cubola Pergola Awning is available in a variety of colors and designs and blends seamlessly with its surroundings to create an appealing and stylish outdoor space.

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