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Görres Metallbau - today awning manufacturer

Metallbau Görres GmbH was founded in early 1991 by Detlef Görres, the current managing director. Based in Brühl, the sole proprietorship started in a double garage. Locksmith work for private customers was carried out here.

In 1994 , just 3 years later, the company rented a workshop hall in Brühl. Components such as windows and doors could now also be temporarily stored. The assembly was extended to a radius of 30 km. At the same time, the first trainee was hired and Metallbau Görres continued to grow.

In 1996 , the first public orders followed. In particular, sun protection systems and external blinds were installed complete with controls. In addition, assembly was extended to a radius of 200 km. In total, kindergartens, schools, town halls and retirement homes were equipped with more than 1,000 blinds.

In 1998 , Metallbau Görres decided to sell awnings on the internet. At the same time, the awnings were supplemented by patio roofs to increase the range. The online shop has also expanded the assembly area to include Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In these three countries, the aluminum awnings and patio roofs are installed by our competent employees.

In 2000 the sole proprietorship was transformed into Metallbau Görres GmbH.

In 2003 the company started its own awning production.

In 2009 , a new commercial property was sought to expand and relocate operations. A suitable piece of land was quickly found – the current location.

In 2012 , a framework agreement for sun protection systems was signed with the University of Bonn

In 2014 , a framework agreement for sun protection systems was signed at the Bonn Rhein Sieg University of Applied Sciences and the University of Cologne.

In 2015 the company finally moved to Nettersheim Zingsheim on its own premises with offices and social rooms.

In 2016 , a framework contract was concluded with the Federal Agency for Real Estate Tasks for all locksmith, glass and wood work within a radius of 150 km.

In 2019 the company was successfully certified for EN 1090-3 EXC 2. Introduced with our own factory production control (FPC).

In 2020 , the specialist dealer network was set up in the Gulf States. Customers from Saudi Arabia, Oman and UAE are looked after by our local specialist dealers.

The company Metallbau Görres GmbH has constantly developed from a sole proprietorship to a GmbH and beyond. We now manufacture high-quality awnings and patio roofs in-house and operate internationally.

Detlef Görres – who am I?!

Detlef Görres trained as a locksmith in a small company in Wesseling. After the apprenticeship, he graduated from high school and studied mechanical engineering, specializing in design engineering, at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences.

Through this training, he knows practically all processes that have to be carried out from start to finish. So he knows exactly what is important. Heart and soul is of course the be-all and end-all in such a company – without this, a medium-sized company cannot survive. And that is exactly what sets Metallbau Görres GmbH apart.

Charles Darwin

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, not the most intelligent, but those who can react most quickly to change”