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We offer you high-quality electric awnings from our own production. Available in any width and functionality. We have the right sun protection solution for all areas of application, whether for the balcony, terrace, window or conservatory. Awnings “Made in Germany” .

Sun protection for terrace & balcony

awning terrace

Cassette awnings

Cassette awnings electric incl. Fully equipped for terrace & balcony.

Conservatory shading WIGAZIP ®

conservatory shading

Conservatory shading for conservatories and patio roofs can be operated electrically.

Under glass awning - conservatory interior shading

under glass awnings

Electric under glass awnings for your patio roof or conservatory.


Lamella roofs

Premium slat roof the ideal wind and privacy screen made to measure.

Terrace roof Görres

terrace roofs

Order terrace roofs in numerous variants directly from the factory online now.

pergola awnings

pergola awnings

The pergola awning, our year-round all-rounder for your patio.

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awning terrace

Cassette awnings

electric incl. fully equipped
ab 1649 € Incl. 19% VAT.
  • Made in Germany - direct from the factory
  • fast delivery times
  • Free shipping within DE
Pergola awning for your terrace

pergola awnings

terrace roof incl. integrated pergola awning
ab 3128 € Incl. 19% VAT
  • Ideal for large terraces
  • Up to 600cm width & 500cm projection
  • Can also be used as rain protection
Terrace roof Görres

Terrace roof laminated safety glass or multi-wall sheets

Bespoke patio roofs
ab 1833 € Incl. 19% VAT
  • Different variants to choose from
  • Made in Germany - direct from the factory
  • made to measure
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What is an awning?

The primary purpose of an awning is to protect you from the sun. But the shading option for terraces, balconies and conservatories also protects against glare and privacy and keeps the heat out. They are now an integral part of many apartments and houses. You also have the option of getting the awning with the desired awning fabric in many different (approx. 230 pieces) colors and patterns, so that you can create a dreamlike oasis of well-being.

You can also choose a wide variety of designs. While a cassette awning protects the fabric and the articulated arms from wind and weather, the pergola awning offers you a very special flexibility. In addition, you will also find vertical awnings that protect you from the prying eyes of the neighbors. For special requirements, we also have terrace roofs or the option of shading the conservatory for you.

Awnings and shading from our company are characterized by the fact that you receive your sun protection directly from us as the manufacturer. This allows us to guarantee you particularly low prices. Of course, we also manufacture your desired awning to measure and can therefore offer you the perfect shading for your outdoor area.

Let us make you a free and non-binding offer today, so that you too can create an oasis of well-being in the garden or on the terrace. Competent advice by telephone and on site possible!

What are the differences in awnings?

As mentioned above, we have various awnings ready for you. You too can find the perfect shading option for your balcony, patio, garden or conservatory. The different awning designs and colors allow you to optimally adapt the sun protection to your facade, so that a coherent picture is created.

What are the differences in awnings?

Worth knowing about our awnings

Cassette awnings

Cassette awnings are particularly popular. They have the advantage that the fabric, the articulated arms and the drive move into the cassette.

The awning is thus perfectly protected. At the same time, this also means that it has a significantly longer service life. Wind, sun and rain in particular, as well as snow and ice, can damage the awning and reduce its service life.

Stored in a cassette, almost nothing can happen to the awning. So you will enjoy your cassette awning for a long time.


pergola awnings

Pergola awnings are almost perfect for very large terraces. Like all other awnings, they can be made to measure. There are two variants for assembly. Pergola awnings can be mounted and anchored on the facade and in the ground or only in the ground. They also have the advantage that they are very flexible and therefore offer the right shading option for everyone.

Pergola awnings are so flexible because you can extend and retract them individually. So you can choose whether you prefer a sunny or shady spot. In conjunction with vertical awnings, you also have the option of protecting yourself from gusts of wind or prying eyes from your neighbors. This combination makes the pergola awning a special highlight.

terrace roofs

Terrace roofs are also extremely popular because they are very easy to maintain and also provide excellent protection for the terrace from the sun and rain. With a patio roof, you also have the option of being protected outside when it rains. Awnings, on the other hand, should be retracted when it rains to protect the fabric.

Another advantage of patio roofs is that you can plan ahead. If a conservatory is planned for the next few years, there is now the opportunity to plan the patio roof in such a way that the construction can be expanded.

conservatory shading

There are different variants of conservatory shading. Conservatory awnings can be mounted over the glass or under the glass. Of course, there are some pros and cons here as well. When shading the conservatory, the room should be protected from the sun and heat.

The under glass awning is cheaper, but has disadvantages. The sun hits the glass roof directly and warms the room. The awning can block some of the sun's rays, but is not as effective as an outdoor awning. The advantage of this shading is its long service life. The interior shading of the conservatory is protected from the weather.

The outdoor awning catches the sun's rays before they hit the glass. Thus, the heat development is significantly lower. However, the external shading for conservatories is exposed to wind and weather. In addition, it requires significantly more maintenance. Nevertheless, it is ideal if you want to overwinter plants in it and set up the room as a feel-good place. The room temperature is much more pleasant with an outdoor awning for conservatories. You can also save money by creating optimal climatic conditions. Especially with the constantly rising energy costs.

vertical awnings​

When the sun hits the terrace from the side, the awning reaches its limits. For this reason, there are side or vertical awnings, which then protect against lateral sunlight.

But the side awning has other advantages. It also protects against light winds and is ideal for nosy neighbors.

With this awning, which can be combined with the conservatory shading as well as the pergola awning, you have top-class sun protection that keeps wind and prying neighbors away.

Awning accessories

Depending on your wishes and circumstances, we have the right accessories for your awnings ready.

From the wind monitor to the special solution on holders that we can manufacture ourselves. Brand new in the program is our assembly set tailored to your house for assembling your awning.

Buy made-to-measure awnings

Every terrace and every balcony is different. Therefore, not all standard awnings are suitable for your needs. But of course this is not a problem. We manufacture your awning to measure. It is therefore precisely tailored to your needs and wishes.

Especially for terraces that are 5 meters wide or more, it is important that you can call your own sun protection that is optimally tailored to your terrace. With us you will find a large selection of different variants. In addition to standard dimensions, you can also get tailor-made awnings – even for a small budget.

Custom-made awnings

Why buy the awning from Görres?

Of course, this is not always easy, as you are spoiled for choice with us too. Especially if you are unsure about buying an awning, talk to us. We would be happy to advise you and help you choose your awning. This should be optimally matched to the balcony and terrace so that you can enjoy the sun protection for a long time.

You will quickly find that we also make awnings for a small budget, so you can enjoy your patio carefree and without a guilty conscience. Discover now the various possibilities that we offer you to have the perfect shading on the terrace.

Görres not only offers you comprehensive advice, but also shows you alternatives. In addition, you get high quality at unbeatable prices from us.

Since we manufacture the awnings ourselves, there is no need for a middleman, which of course also adds something to the manufacturer’s price. This means that we can offer you manufacturer prices, even for a small budget.

We look forward to your inquiry!

How can I order?

Visit us on site and discover our sun protection exhibition and look over our shoulders during the production of the awnings.

Or they order directly from us in the awning store:


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Information about awnings and shading options

So that we can help you with your purchase decision, we explain the most important things about awnings in this section. We have compiled a selection of questions that our customers have asked us over the years. If you have any further questions or need advice, you can of course contact us at any time. We are on hand with help and advice!

How much shade does an awning provide?

Of course, we cannot give a general answer to this. How much shade an awning provides depends on many factors. On the one hand, it depends on the cardinal direction and the location. But the time of day and season also play a major role. On the other hand, it also depends on how the angle of inclination is set. For this reason, it is particularly important that you observe the course of the sun in advance at the point where the awning is to be installed.

Example: If your terrace faces west, we recommend attaching a valance to the awning. The awning thus provides shade even when the sun is low in the sky. Another option would be the vertical awning, which you can then optionally attach to pergola awnings or patio roofs.

Does the awning protect against UV rays?

Sun protection for awnings can be compared to sunscreen. The higher the protection factor, the more protection the awning offers. Our sun protection awning covers are usually equipped with a UV factor of 30+, 60+, 90+. Of course, we have awnings and shading options with higher UV protection ready for you.

With a UV factor of 30+, this means that you can sit under the awning 30 times longer and you are protected. With light skin, for example, the self-protection lasts up to 10 minutes. This means you can spend around 10 minutes in the sun without protection. They should then sit under an awning with UV protection of 30+ for a maximum of 5 hours. If you are not sure, you can of course always apply a sunscreen to your skin. Then you are always on the right page.

Which awning fabrics does Görres use?

The awning fabrics are sometimes particularly important. You should adapt these to your wishes so that you can enjoy your sun protection for a long time. As a rule, three types of fabric are used in our awnings.

  • Models in standard sizes are equipped with high-quality acrylic awning fabrics
  • For vertical awnings we use a breathable screen
  • Custom-made awnings get awning covers made of branded acrylic

acrylic is colorfast,

If the awning is used frequently, acrylic is the safe choice. This material keeps the colors for a long time. This is why acrylic is used for shading in gastronomy, for boat or convertible roofs. Polyester is considered to be a cheaper awning fabric compared to acrylic yarn.

You can also choose a wide variety of designs. While a cassette awning protects the fabric from wind and weather, the pergola awning offers you a very special degree of flexibility. In addition, you will also find vertical awnings that protect you from the prying eyes of the neighbors. For special requirements, we also have terrace roofs or the option of shading the conservatory for you.

How many variants of awning fabrics does Görres offer?

Of course, this always depends on the awning model you choose. Basically, of course, you always have the choice between plain and striped. No matter which awning model you choose. We offer you a large selection of colors and designs so that you can match the awning to the facade or garden.

The most popular colors are still a strong blue or sunny yellow. But subtle cream-colored awnings are also very popular.

The primary purpose of an awning is to protect you from the sun. But the shading option for terraces, balconies and conservatories also protects against glare and privacy and keeps the heat out. They are now an integral part of many apartments and houses.

At the same time you also have the option of the awning in many different  ( approx. 230 pieces)  Colors and designs  to get, so you can create a dreamlike oasis of well-being.

Are Görres awnings colourfast?

Of course, we at Görres use fabrics for the awning fabric that are colourfast. But we also reach our limits, because at some point every fabric fades and no longer shines as beautifully as it did at the beginning. This depends not only on the fabric quality, but also on the dyeing process. But the weather also plays a role.

Our awning fabrics have a very high lightfastness.

Can the awning remain extended when it is windy?

As a rule, awnings withstand light breezes. However, the awning should be retracted during a storm or strong gusts of wind, otherwise damage could occur.

Our awnings all have a wind resistance class of 2. This means that they can withstand wind speeds of 38 km/h. This wind speed corresponds to a wind force of 5.

Note!: Always retract your awning when you leave the house!

Are Görres awning fabrics water-repellent or waterproof?

Awnings are primarily sun protection and should be retracted when it rains to protect the awning fabric. Still, it’s not a problem if there’s a short shower. Even then you can sit dry under your awning. Nevertheless, the awning is not all-weather protection and even constant light rain can cause it to get wet under the awning.

Our awning fabrics have a special coating. This means they are water and dirt repellent. However, it also depends on the weight of the fabric. The higher this is, the more water the awning fabrics can absorb.

However, it is important that the angle of inclination is set optimally so that the rainwater can run off and no water collects on the awning. Because not all of our awnings are equipped with a rainwater drainage profile. In addition, the sun protection should not be left unattended when you are not at home, for example. Always retract the awning when you leave the house to avoid damaging the awning.

Of course, you also have the option of having sensors attached to the awnings. These ensure that the awning extends automatically when the sun is shining and retracts automatically when it rains and is windy. So you are always on the safe side!

Motors and controls for your dream awning

Of course, controls are important. You can control awnings by hand or by pressing a button – depending on what you want. You also have other options when it comes to driving or operating the awning.

Operating the awning with a crank: A crank is ideal for small awnings. With larger awnings, the effort would be too great to extend and retract them by hand. Of course, a motor can also be attached afterwards.

Operate the awning with the radio remote control: If the awning has a motor, it is automatically delivered with a radio remote control. You can retract and extend the awning simply by pressing a button. The effort required for the crank is thus eliminated.

Operating the awning via app: We also offer you this option. Smart Home is becoming more and more popular, which is why it is of course also possible to operate your awning via an app. With our sun or wind sensors, you also have the option of automatically retracting or extending the awning when the weather changes.

Buy cheap cassette awnings online
Pergola awning Cubola

Accessories and spare parts for your awning

Even if our awnings have a very long service life, it can always happen that you need spare parts. We also have a number of accessories for the awnings. We want you to be able to make your outdoor space as comfortable and luxurious as possible.

The most popular accessories include the LEDs, to conjure up a nice ambience under the awning. But heaters for under the awning are also becoming increasingly popular. So you can enjoy your terrace even on cooler days and always have it nice and warm.

You will also find flounces if you want a shady spot even when the sun is low in the sky. The awning valances in particular are recommended because they are much more flexible.

The sensors for the awnings are also very popular. As soon as the weather changes, the awnings are automatically retracted in rain and wind. When the sun comes out again, the awning extends automatically. The sensors are ideal if you travel a lot and don’t want to do without an optimal room climate in the room behind.

Awning parts guarantee

Awning care tips

So that you can enjoy your awning for a long time, here are some awning care tips. This is the only way the awning can offer the sun protection you want and so that you have a shady oasis of well-being on the terrace. Aluminum frames that are powder-coated require almost no extra care. They can easily withstand the weather conditions. However, the awning fabric should be checked and cleaned from time to time.

Every now and then, use a dry, soft brush to remove dust and dirt from the awning fabric. Leaves should also be removed regularly in autumn.

If there are stains on the awning fabric, you can easily remove them with a soft cloth or a soft brush. For stubborn stains, you can also use mild soapy water to clean the cloth again.

The awning fabric should actually only be retracted when it is dry to prevent mold from forming. Unfortunately this is not always possible. Once dry, extend the awning to let the fabric dry completely.

IMPORTANT: High-pressure cleaners or harsh cleaning agents can damage the fabric. It can happen that the coating is damaged and the awning is no longer water-repellent or offers UV protection! Unsightly stains can also appear.