Clean & maintain awning properly

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So that you can enjoy your awning for a long time, it is important to take care of it.

Even if the care of the awning does not take up much time, you should clean the sun protection twice a year.

But how can the patio awning be cleaned so that it looks like new for many years to come? You can find out all about this in this article.

Enjoy relaxing hours in the shade

Awnings for patios and balconies have many advantages. On the one hand, you always have a cool and shady spot. On the other hand, you can set highlights with the sun protection for the terrace and enhance your property. Especially if you have children, you should not do without a garden awning.

It is important to take care of the awning so that you can enjoy your shading system for a long time. The care and cleaning of the awning is very easy and your sun protection will thank you in the longevity.

How can I clean my awning myself?

Sun, wind and rain take their toll on the awning fabric. Therefore, it is important to have them cleaned twice a year. Cleaning the awning is especially important in autumn. The constant use in summer has attracted a lot of dirt and stains will also be visible on the awning fabric. Before it is put away for the winter, cleaning the awning is practically mandatory. This is the only way stains can still be easily removed and there are no stubborn dirt on the cloth.

When cleaning the awning, you have various cleaning agents at your disposal. In addition to special cleaning agents, which are often real chemical bombs, you can also use home remedies. These not only protect the environment, but also your sun protection. Therefore, you should definitely avoid chemical cleaners.

Cleaning an awning is quite easy. Depending on whether you own an external patio shade or an internal under-glass awning, cleaning is different.

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Clean under glass awnings

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As a rule, under-glass awnings only have to be cleaned of dust. Here it is perfectly sufficient if you run a feather duster or a soft cloth over the awning. To remove the dry dirt, you can also use a soft hand broom to simply sweep away the dust.

Unless they have a glass roof that can be opened. Then it can of course also be the case that stains appear on the awning. These stains can be easily and easily removed with a soft cloth and very mild soapy water.

Clean external awnings

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External awnings are exposed to weather conditions and dirt without any protection. Here it is important to approach the cleaning of the awning particularly gently. A mild soapy solution and a soft brush are ideal for removing stains and dirt from the garden awning.

If it is only dry dirt, i.e. leaves, dust or pollen, this can be swept away with a soft hand brush. Actually, this cleaning should always be done when the awning is retracted. You should also know that this dirt, as soon as it gets wet, forms a perfect breeding ground for mold and moss.

Simply erase light soiling

You can easily remove light dirt on the awning fabric with a colorless eraser, among other things. The dirt erasers are also very suitable for this.

However, you should only proceed very carefully so as not to damage the awning.

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Remove heavy soiling from the awning fabric

Unfortunately, it won’t always stay with dry dirt or small stains. If the awning is very dirty or the stains cannot be removed with the stain eraser, only soapy water will help. You can make the mild soapy water with a mild detergent. The temperature should not exceed 40°C. You can then apply the solution to the awning with a soft sponge so that it foams well.

Leave the soapy water on for a good 15 minutes and rinse off with clear water. The process is to be repeated until no more soapy water can be seen. Of course, the garden hose can also be used to remove the soapy water. The jet should not be adjusted too much.

Clean heavily soiled awnings

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Green growth, algae or even bird droppings are some of the heavy soiling that cannot be easily removed with a stain eraser or soapy water. Green growth can form above all if the awning fabric was retracted damp or if spots got wet. This is the perfect breeding ground and even patio covers are not safe from it.

For this you will find green growth remover in the trade. However, it is important that you dilute it well so that the fabric is not damaged. You can then apply the solution with a brush. In the case of heavy or large-scale soiling, this can also be done with a watering can. Pay close attention to the instructions on how the solution should be prepared. It is better to use a little more water so that the awning fabric is protected.

Remove bird droppings from the awning


Bird droppings are a dangerous substance for the awning fabric. Not only does it contain pathogens, but also the substance pancreatin. This substance can clog the awning fabric, which is why it is best to remove bird droppings directly from the awning. Discolouration and chemical burns can be caused if bird droppings are allowed to act on the awning for several days. UV rays make pancreatin even more aggressive!

Fresh bird droppings can be wiped off very easily with a soft, damp cloth. A mild soapy solution will help to completely remove the bird droppings.

On the other hand, dried and burned-in bird droppings are not so easy to remove. In order to be able to completely clean the awning again, usually only salt, vinegar, gall soap or liquid detergent will help. Vinegar water can usually remove bird droppings completely. To do this, mix a vinegar solution of one cup vinegar and one cup water. Put the mixture on the awning fabric and let it soak in for a moment before gently rubbing off the stain with a soft cloth. The stain must then be rinsed with plenty of clear water so that no vinegar solution remains on the awning.

Cleaning the awning if there is mold

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Mold is relatively easy to remove. A commercially available mold remover can be used for this. But be careful! There should be no chlorine present in the mildew remover.

You can also effectively combat mold with vinegar water. Furthermore, an essential oil of oregano is a very good helper with mold. To make an oregano solution, add 5 drops of oregano essential oil to 1 liter of water. Rub the awning with it and rinse well with clear water.

Awning cleaning for mildew stains

Oregano oil can be an important helper not only for mold. This solution is also ideal for mildew stains.

Even if mold stains are very stubborn, this solution has proven its worth. You can also find special cleaners against mildew stains on the market. However, these are usually mixed with chlorine and should not be used.

Vinegar water can also be used for mildew stains, for example.

If you follow these tips when cleaning your awning, you will be able to enjoy your sun protection for a long time. It is important that you remove stains as soon as possible so that they do not burn in from the sun and are more difficult to remove. It is recommended to clean the awning thoroughly at least twice a year. In the case of heavier soiling, even several times a year.