Planning the garden step by step (size of the outdoor area, seating area, roofing/weather protection)

Anyone who moves into their own home usually also has a garden that they have to design. This causes stomach ache for many homeowners, but planning the garden or outdoor area is not that difficult. There are various 3D planners online that make designing very easy. In most cases you can look at the result in its entirety at the end and make small changes.

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First of all you should of course create the classification. How big should the terrace be and how large would you like a lawn or flower beds? This is the most important and first and most important step. Once you’ve done that, you can move on to garden and patio design. Here you should let your imagination run wild and draw the ideas exactly in a planner.

A really great 3D planner that is even free is the OBI garden planner . It basically contains everything you need, is in German and gives you the prices of the individual plants or garden furniture. Of course, the planner only works with OBI products, but it’s still a really great tool for taking the planning into your own hands. Try it out and see if you like it.

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Planning of the sun protection

It doesn’t matter whether you have chosen a wooden or stone terrace. The sun protection for your outdoor area can be adapted to any terrace. However, the main factor here is the size of the open space. For small to medium-sized outdoor areas, awnings are a very good way to have a shady spot even on hot days. Large open spaces, on the other hand, should be equipped with patio roofs or pergolas so that you have enough shade available. Free-standing pavilions are also very suitable for this.

Also keep in mind that shading isn’t just for the patio to keep you cool even in the summer. Awnings also mean that the rooms behind are protected from overheating. If you use air conditioning to always have the room at the right temperature, sun protection is all the more important. It will help you save money. If the rooms do not overheat because you have a shade on the terrace, you need significantly less energy to air-condition the rooms.

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Planning and designing a terrace

The next step is then the terrace planning. First you should set the size. Don’t forget the sunscreen too. Awnings are ideal for smaller terraces, for larger terraces you should think about a pergola awning or a terrace roof. Of course, the budget also plays a role here.

Of course, you have to decide whether you prefer a terrace made of stone or wood. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and you have to consider how much maintenance is required for both. Wood requires a little more care than stones – although they often turn green over the winter and have to be cleaned with a lot of effort.

In any case, compare the offers for terrace slabs or wooden floorboards. Get multiple quotes to save money. The prices can vary greatly, even regionally.

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The right choice of awning

There are countless awnings and you will be spoiled for choice. To make it easier for you to find the right awning for your outdoor area, we would like to briefly explain what you need to look out for.

Awnings for small terraces

For small to medium-sized terraces, folding arm awnings and cassette awnings are perfect for shading the outside area. Awnings are usually very filigree and adapt perfectly to the facade. While cassette awnings have a cassette into which the awning fabric and the technology slide and protect them, articulated arm awnings are exposed to the weather. Therefore, these are particularly preferred when there is a small eaves.

If necessary, a protective roof can also be attached over the folding arm awning. Nevertheless, it is advisable to use a cassette awning if the awning is always exposed to the weather. The weather significantly reduces the life expectancy of the awning. You should therefore not save at the wrong end here so that you can enjoy your sun protection for a long time.

Awnings for large outdoor areas

You have all the options for shading for large open spaces. In addition to articulated arm or cassette awnings, which you can link together, you can also choose from terrace roofs, pergola awnings or free-standing pavilions.

In the case of patio roofs and pergola awnings, a distinction is made during assembly. If you want to lose as little space from your terrace, you should opt for wall mounting. This means that the patio roof or pergola awning is mounted on one side on the wall. The two support posts, on the other hand, are fixed to the ground.

With free-standing pavilions, however, you have the advantage that they are very flexible. They can be set up and taken down anywhere. However, this also means that your indoor spaces are not always protected from the sun when the freestanding gazebo is set up in the garden. In addition, this sun protection has the disadvantage that you are restricted by the four support posts. Nevertheless, the free-standing pavilions offer plenty of shade and are therefore very popular.

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Calculate the area to be shaded

In order for your terrace to be optimally shaded, you must of course also calculate the correct size. Of course you need the depth and length of the terrace or the area to be shaded. However, you must add at least 50 cm to the depth so that optimal sun protection is guaranteed.

Example: Your terrace is 5 m long and 3 m deep. If you want to shade the entire terrace, the awning should be 5 m long and 3.50 m deep.

If there are niches or overhangs on the terrace, these must of course be added to the calculation. As a rule, you will receive standard models for these dimensions.

Of course, you can also have the awning made to measure if you have special requests.

Planning of the seating furniture

The awning also plays an important role here. Depending on which patio furniture you prefer, sun and weather protection can be important. Wooden furniture, for example, requires a lot of care if it is exposed to the weather. With a patio roof or a pergola, the furniture is much better protected and maintenance is not as time-consuming.

When it comes to patio furniture, the size of the patio is of course the first thing to consider. You should also think about the doors so that they are not obstructed by the furniture. As a rule, 12 square meters are completely sufficient to accommodate a nice seating area in the open space.

Also note if the area is not so large that you might want to add flower pots or shelves. With the right calculation, this is easily possible. A sun lounger can then also be set up in the garden, for example, if the area is not that big.

Gartenmöbel für die Terrasse

Plants and decoration in the outdoor area

Of course you have a lot of options here. How about a herb terrace? It not only smells great, but many herbs also keep the mosquitoes away. Lavender, basil or rosemary are not only great kitchen herbs, they also guarantee that mosquitoes don’t even come onto the patio. Therefore, you should definitely use some of these plants as decoration on the table at the next barbecue evening. Of course, climbing plants such as jasmine or ivy are also suitable for the sides of the outdoor area. They then offer privacy if you do not want to install a side awning to the neighbor. Mallows or roses are also ideal for climbing. American trumpet vines (stromboli), which bloom profusely but shed their leaves in winter, are particularly beautiful. An evergreen bloomer would be the firevine . It is also ideal for the conservatory and displays numerous and beautiful flowers in February and March. An early bloomer of a special kind that produces a large number of flowers even in late summer. You can also place various citrus trees on the terrace to bring that holiday feeling home. Palm trees are also suitable, as there are now a large number of hardy palm plants on the market. A Mediterranean terrace is always something special and makes the outdoor area a real feel-good place. The same applies, of course, to the design of the garden. Here we recommend the OBI garden planner if you want to design everything yourself. Of course, there are certainly companies in your area that will take over the planning of the garden if you don’t necessarily have a knack for it. Basically, however, it is not that difficult to conjure up a beautiful and tasteful garden with the right plants.

Conclusion: planning a garden

Designing the outdoor area is not difficult at all with the right software. What you absolutely have to pay attention to is of course the color design. It doesn’t matter whether you like it colorful or tone-in-tone – the picture just has to be consistent. Of course, this also applies to the sun protection on your terrace. Here you have the option of adapting the color of the awning fabric to the facade or the garden. Of course you can also use your favorite color to emphasize the sun protection as a highlight. Always remember. Anything is allowed

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