How much does an awning cost and what are the costs for high-quality sun protection? Many people ask themselves this question before making a purchase and look at a large number of offers on the Internet and hardware stores. We want to show you the costs so that you are then able to understand and evaluate the costs of an awning.

Width and projection of the awning

One of the most important factors when calculating the price of an awning is the desired size. The larger the awning, the more expensive the price. This is reflected in larger awnings due to the material costs.

Awning with motor or crank – the drive plays a major role

If you prefer to operate your awning electrically instead of manually with a hand crank, you need a motor and optionally a hand-held transmitter for a radio motor or switch. Different costs depending on the type and brand. The fully equipped cassette awning can be found in the awning shop .

Was kostet eine Markise

Awning fabric – quality has its price

The selection of awning fabrics is huge. But if you take a close look around, almost all major manufacturers only work with selected fabric manufacturers today. Brand manufacturers such as Dickson, Sauleda or Sattler are represented here in large numbers with their collections.

Additional equipment of an awning

Additional equipment such as lighting, electric valance, wind monitor or even control via smartphone & tablet require different controls and upgrade your awning and thus increase the price when buying. The question could instead be: What does an awning cost? What does the accessory cost?

Where is the awning made?

Made in Germany – means quality here too! Higher wages and material costs, tested quality, etc. have their price. So if you value quality, you should focus on safety and quality.

Conclusion: How much does an awning cost

When buying your new awning, pay attention to the features and characteristics of the individual components. Also where to buy an awning. You will not be able to buy quality on Ebay Amazon and Co. Here China awnings are offered by dealers who are not from the trade. Inferior quality TÜV and test equipment Misuse is common here. Here the prices differ immensely. So it’s worth comparing! Ask your dealer or manufacturer which parts have been installed!