Which colors are trending in 2021/2022?

Awnings are also becoming increasingly popular in our latitudes. This is not only because there have been real summer phases in recent years, but also because they add value to the garden. With awnings you can set color highlights and turn your open space into an atmospheric oasis of well-being. In addition, the rooms behind the balcony or terrace are not heated up too much. With the ever-increasing energy prices, you can save money on air conditioning. But which colors are trendy and which colors are not well received? You can find all of this in this guide to awnings and the color trends for 2021/2022.

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Which awning for which outdoor area?

Are you considering buying sun protection for your outdoor area? Then of course you should first know which awning is best suited to your needs. Above all, it depends on the size of the balcony, terrace or garden.

Sun protection for small areas

A drop-arm awning is particularly suitable for small balconies, as it has a flexible projection angle and you can choose the size of the shade yourself. It also protects the space behind it from overheating. Another advantage of the drop-arm awning is that it is a great eye-catcher when you put it on the balcony. Due to the numerous colors, you can adapt the awning perfectly to the house wall or even set highlights. The colors orange or sunny yellow are very popular with drop-arm awnings. But a blue awning fabric is also popular and very trendy. You have the choice of different patterns for the designs. A striped pattern is usually used here, but plain-colored fabrics without a pattern are clearly the winners.

In addition, side awnings can be attached to the balcony. They not only serve as protection against the wind, but also to keep the prying eyes of the neighbors away. In this way you can protect your privacy without your neighbor looking at your breakfast table. The side awnings have proven their worth, especially in windy regions, as they absorb the wind and you can comfortably enjoy your open space. The side awnings are of course available in all colors, just like the awnings. As a rule, side awnings are chosen in the color of the awning. In this way, a coherent picture is achieved in order to create an additional place of well-being.

Shading systems for medium-sized areas

There are a variety of awning models for medium-sized balconies or patios. In addition to the articulated arm awnings, you will also find semi-cassette and cassette awnings, which are the perfect sun protection for medium-sized open spaces.

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folding arm awnings

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The most popular here is clearly the articulated arm awning. It is the most common sun protection for balconies and terraces. The articulated arm awning is inexpensive to buy and offers protection from the sun and light rain. If you are struggling with the low-lying sun in the evening, you still have the option of attaching a valance to the awning fabric so that you are not dazzled.

The articulated arm awning pulls the awning fabric away from the fabric shaft with two articulated arms. The fabric is optimally stretched so that even a light wind cannot harm the awning. The only disadvantage of the articulated arm awning is that it hovers freely over the terrace and the fabric is not protected from wind and weather.

The color trend in articulated arm awnings continues towards bold colors and striped designs. Yellow and white, red and white or blue and white striped designs are particularly popular with these awning models. But delicate pastel shades are also being used more and more frequently.

Semi-cassette awnings and cassette awnings

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Cassette awnings are available in two different versions. One is the semi-cassette awning and the other is the cassette awning. With semi-cassette awnings, which are also called sleeve awnings, the folding arms and the awning fabric are retracted into a cassette. The cassette is open at the bottom, so basically only the cloth is relatively well protected. The sleeve awning is cheaper than the cassette awning due to the simpler technology.

Cassette awnings, on the other hand, are completely protected. The awning retracts into a cassette and not only the awning fabric but also the articulated arm technology is protected because the cassette is completely closed. This means that the entire awning is well protected from dirt, rain and wind.

With both awning models, the color trend has remained fairly stable for years. In addition to elegant beige and gray awning fabrics, our customers also like to set color highlights. Sunny yellow, a strong red or blue are just as popular as delicate shades of yellow or orange.

Sun protection systems for large areas

Pergola awnings are ideal for large areas. Of course it is also possible to use cassette awnings or folding arm awnings. Pergola awnings, on the other hand, look particularly classy and elegant and can enhance the terrace and garden in a special way.

With pergola awnings you have two models to choose from. The first option is the free-standing pergola, which can be used very flexibly. You can have these mounted on the terrace or in the garden and thus have the optimum sun protection for your needs.

In the second variant, the pergola is mounted on the house wall as well as with two round aluminum rods in the terrace floor. With an appropriate angle of inclination, it is also possible to use the pergola awning as rain protection in light rain.

Both variants have their advantages and disadvantages and of course your personal needs also come into play here. Both awning models are flexible because you can open and close the fabric on both sides.

The trend colors for pergola awnings are pastel tones as well as beige and gray tones. Our customers, on the other hand, almost exclusively choose beige or light gray awning fabrics, as they look particularly classy and elegant on a pergola awning.

Conservatory awnings - the special shading

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Conservatory shading is special because it is primarily intended to prevent the conservatory from overheating. For this reason, it makes more sense to have a conservatory shading installed over the patio roof. This is because the sun does not hit the glass directly and the heat can be kept away better.

Side awnings that can be attached inside or outside are also suitable. They serve as protection from the low sun and as a privacy screen for nosy neighbors. When it comes to conservatory awnings, delicate colors of the awning fabrics are particularly popular. They adapt very well to the space and are often used by our customers. But the strong colors are also popular because they can enhance the room again. Of course, it always depends on your preferences and of course on the facility.

Awning color trends in Germany

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Of course, like in the fashion industry, there are also color trends for awnings. However, these have basically been similar for many years as customers know exactly which colors they like and which they don’t. Many manufacturers now offer more than 200 colors for the awning fabric, so there are hardly any special trends here.

The noble tones such as gray and beige are particularly popular and can enhance the garden or terrace in a special way. They set an elegant touch and offer so much space for further design.

Strong colors are also extremely popular to create a highlight in the garden. If you can call a colorful flower garden your own, you will be able to set a special highlight here with strong colors.

Pastel colors are also popular but not so well received. Even if they look particularly elegant, one often has the impression that they are meaningless. Therefore, few customers choose these shades.

Basically, so and so applies, whatever pleases is in trend. Don’t let the awning color trends influence you. Think about whether you want to adapt the awning to the facade, to the garden or to your personal taste. You never go wrong with this. Let your imagination run wild and choose your favourite.

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