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Pergola awning Cubola for gastronomy, restaurants and hotels

Restaurateurs usually also have outdoor seating and sun protection is particularly important to protect them from the sun or rain. Of course, there are no standard awnings for restaurateurs, since everyone has different wishes and ideas. In order to find individual solutions, various panel discussions took place at the leading trade fair for gastronomy. There were participants such as Heinrich Abletshauser (BVRS), Fritz Engelhardt (Chairman of DEHOGA BW), organic chef Simon Tress, Christian Thomas (Warema), Jan Kattenbeck (Markilux), Andreas Husmann (Leiner), Thomas Koch (terrace professionals), Olaf Vögele (host) live on stage. Minister of Justice for Baden-Württemberg and Europe Guido Wolf MdL from the Stuttgart state parliament and ZDH President Hans Peter Wollseifer from his office in the Cologne Chamber of Crafts were also connected.

What is important when it comes to sun protection for restaurateurs

The Gastronomy Day was all about outdoor gastronomy. All well-known awning manufacturers presented new concepts for slat roofs, pergola awnings and the like, so that visitors had an overview of the individual solutions. Because protection against sun and rain is particularly important for the open spaces, so that they can be used by visitors regardless of the weather.

The moderator Olaf Vögele summarizes very well what is important when it comes to sun protection for restaurateurs: “It’s about the area that can be used profitably – that’s where the turnover comes from.” Of course, the usable outdoor area, especially in very high-priced inner-city locations, is an important factor. But here there are excellent solutions and concepts for sun and weather protection. Basically, it’s not about who can provide the largest span for the roofing, but rather about the individual solutions so that the outdoor gastronomy can open again quickly and can offer visitors every conceivable protection.

Outdoor gastronomy should become safer

The numerous lectures in particular showed that outdoor gastronomy is particularly important. The awning manufacturers had many solutions and concepts ready to offer guests as much security as possible. However, it is of course also clear that the manufacturers are dependent on the specialist dealers so that the projects can also be optimally processed. It’s not just about the high effort involved in planning a project, but also being able to successfully implement it. Because one thing is for sure, Corona will be with us for quite a while and the outdoor gastronomy is basically a safeguard to keep the contagion very low.

Individual solutions and concepts

However, the individual solutions and concepts are not about bringing high-priced awnings to the catering trade. Because the budgets in particular are very different and therefore solutions for small budgets are also needed. From the classic articulated arm awning to pergola systems to slat roofs or water-protecting sun protection, the manufacturers offer everything that is needed for outdoor gastronomy. In addition, radiant heaters, windbreak walls or special lamps for the outdoor awnings are available so that the restaurateur can offer a suitable ambience.

Of course, it also depends on the clientele. Outdoor gastronomy must appeal to customers. Because it’s useless if huge amounts of money are spent and in the end the guest doesn’t like it. The ambience has to be tailored to the gastronomy and the clientele so that the guests accept it. Therefore, advice and planning are the be-all and end-all when it comes to outdoor catering. In addition, the areas have to be calculated correctly, the weather influences have to be included in the calculation and only then can an individual solution be found.

Cubola awning for outdoor gastronomy

The Cubola awning in particular is ideal for outdoor catering and has numerous advantages that cannot be denied. On the one hand, the pergola Cubola offers optimal protection against sun, rain and wind. It is therefore very well suited for the gastronomic outdoor area. While guests are protected from the sun in the summer months and can enjoy a cool drink in the shade, the Cubola awning can also score points with its advantages in autumn and winter. This terrace canopy always lets the guests sit dry and also offers protection from the wind with the side awnings. The rain protection is mainly due to the waterproof awning fabric, so that even a shower in summer does not make the guests flee.

Another advantage of the Cubola pergola is the excellent wind protection. Because the awning can withstand wind forces between 7 and 9 and even has an integrated rain gutter, so there is no risk of the water forming a hollow during showers or even falling down and soaking the guests. The Cubola awning is therefore perfect protection for the outdoor area, so that guests feel completely comfortable and are protected from all conceivable weather conditions. It is also important, particularly in this day and age, that guests feel safe as many still avoid indoor areas to reduce the risk of contracting Covid-19.

The Cubola awning explained

The Cubola awning is the first awning of its kind that can fully unfold the protective effect horizontally without folding the fabric when it is pulled into the cassette. The special system developed by the manufacturer also allows the fabric inclination to be adjusted in a wide variety of positions. Thus, the guests are not only protected from the midday sun, but also when the sun goes down and it is lower. At the same time, adjusting the angle of inclination when it rains is important so that the rainwater can run off perfectly via the integrated rain gutters. To ensure that the awning fabric of the Cubola pergola is always taut, a laterally guided ZIP system ensures perfect tension on all four sides.

The technical masterpiece of the Cubola

Basically, the Cubola offers everything you could want from an awning for outdoor gastronomy. It offers a maximum width of 600 cm and a depth of up to 500 cm. In addition, it is up to 300 cm high. Of course, the dimensions are not a law and can be ordered individually. The advantage of this is that the Cubola can also have unequal dimensions such as 325 x 361 x 294 cm and can therefore be optimally adapted to the outer surface.

If the outer surface is larger, that’s not a problem either. Because the pergola Cubola can be coupled and there are no restrictions. If you have a very large outdoor area, you can even link 6 or 10 Cubola awnings to offer your guests only the best.

Creative combinations thanks to Cubola

Thanks to the Cubola awnings, very creative combinations are possible. The aluminum frame is supplied as standard in anthracite (RAL 7016) or white (RAL 9010) textured paint. However, all other RAL colors are also available, so that the awning can be perfectly matched to your own colours. At the same time, you also have the choice between the many different cloth colors so that everyone can create their own individual style.