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If you own a pool, you should also think about sun protection for the pool, and not only when children are in the house. On hot days, if you can only stand it in the water, the pleasure can quickly lead to heat stroke or sunburn. Sun protection is therefore particularly important for this corner of the garden. But which sun protection is suitable for wet fun? We would like to explain all this to you in this article.

Why a sunshade for the pool?

Even in our latitudes, the sun is dangerous if you enjoy it for too long. As an adult, it’s usually a given that you’ll go into the shadows at some point. But especially on particularly hot days you feel particularly comfortable in the pool. Many water lovers forget the time here and spend far too long in the sun. There is a risk of sunburn or even heat stroke.

It’s even worse for children. Of course, they cannot estimate the time spent in the sun and usually cannot be brought out of the cool water. Although creaming is an option, the protection only lasts for a certain amount of time. For this reason, sun protection for the pool is of great importance.

Beware of heat stroke in children

Sunstroke or heat stroke in adults is usually much less dangerous than in children. Heat stroke is announced beforehand with headaches, tiredness or excessive thirst and dizziness. Children cannot assess these symptoms and can quickly endanger their lives.

The problem with this is that the symptoms of sunstroke or heat stroke can take hours to appear. The head is red and hot, and small children often cry and do not want to drink anything. Restlessness, nausea, vomiting as well as neck pain or neck stiffness can occur. In some cases, the child has a fever of more than 40 degrees, has shallow breathing and suffers from hallucinations and vomits. The emergency doctor must be contacted immediately on 112.

In order to prevent heat stroke or sunstroke in your children, you should definitely install a sun protection for the pool. This is the only way the kids can enjoy the cool water without any problems.

What should be considered when choosing sun protection for the pool?

Of course you could now hide the pool completely under a pavilion in order to always have enough shade available. The downside, however, is that you may not have a single spot in the sun. Another advantage or disadvantage is that the pool does not heat up as quickly.

With smaller pools it is certainly good if the water stays pleasantly cool. In large pools, however, cool nights can cause the water to become extremely cold. If you prefer water that is at a pleasant temperature, you should always have a sunbathing area by the pool so that the water can heat up during the day.

Which sun protection is suitable for the pool?

Of course, it depends on the size of the pool and the garden. The smaller the pool, the easier it is to shade it. In addition to an awning, a parasol or a pavilion can also provide shade.

Sun protection for the quick up pool

If you have a quick up pool in your garden, you usually only need a smaller sun protection such as an awning or a parasol. The awning can be stretched so that the sun continues to hit the pool, but there is also shade. With the parasol, on the other hand, the shading area is basically very small, which is why there is always sun and shade.

Furthermore, a pavilion would be a way to put them over the pool. However, there are hardly any opportunities to create sun and shade areas here, unless you only place the pavilion halfway over the pool. Not only does this look ugly, but it can also cause problems when the sun moves. Therefore, parasols or sun sails are the better choice for quick-up pools.

frau im pool

Sun protection for the built-in pool

If you have a real pool in your garden, you have significantly more options for shading the pool. A free-standing awning that is extremely flexible is ideal. It can be assembled and disassembled practically anywhere in the garden. So you not only have a noble shade provider for your pool, but also when you have guests and celebrate a garden party. Due to the enormous flexibility, the free-standing awning is a must for every owner of a large garden with a pool.

Freestanding awnings

The free-standing awning also has the advantage that it can be opened and closed on both sides. This means you can face the sun and open and close the awning fabric either on one side or the other.

Fixed awning

Of course, a fixed awning is also suitable. Here, however, you should make sure that the awning fabric can be used variably with the fixed awning. This is the only way you have a high level of flexibility when it comes to shading and you can adjust to the position of the sun.

sun sail

Sun sails are also suitable for large pools. However, you will need several sun sails here to shade at least half of the pool. Furthermore, there is the problem with sun sails that they tear quickly in strong gusts of wind and are therefore not particularly durable. With awnings, however, you only have to retract the awning fabric and the awning is protected from gusts and storms. This makes it much more durable, but also a bit more expensive.

patio covers

Terrace canopies with double-wall sheets are basically also suitable for shading the pool. However, patio roofs in the middle of the garden usually look ugly. When they are freestanding, they are more reminiscent of a carport than a sunshade. On the other hand, the situation is different on terraces. Terrace roofs can round off the picture perfectly here. Of course, this is always a matter of taste and which sun protection you consider ideal is of course your decision.

Basically, you have a variety of options available if you want to shade your pool. The advantage of terrace roofs is, for example, that they can be planted on posts and you can create a feel-good corner with roses or other climbing plants. It is, of course, entirely up to you which type of shading you decide to use at the pool. The only important thing is that you have sun protection at all to protect yourself and the children.

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